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We provide seven major types of funding: Translation Fund, Health Innovation Challenge Fund, Seeding Drug Discovery, Affordable Healthcare in India, Pathfinder Awards, Portfolio Awards and Wellcome Trust Centres.

Translation Fund Translating innovative and ambitious, applied R&D with an unmet healthcare need.
Additional information, application forms and guidance
Health Innovation Challenge Fund Funding partnership between the Trust and the Department of Health to stimulate the creation of innovative healthcare products, technologies and interventions and facilitate their development for the benefit of patients in the NHS and beyond.
Additional information and guidance
Seeding Drug Discovery To facilitate early-stage small-molecule drug discovery. The awards help applicants with a potential drug target or new chemistry embark on a programme of compound discovery and/or lead optimisation.
Additional information, application forms and guidance
Affordable Healthcare in India A Wellcome Trust scheme to support R&D in India to develop accessible healthcare solutions.
Additional information and guidance
Portfolio Awards Funding programmes which require a portfolio of projects to deliver leading-edge innovations in healthcare.
Pathfinder Awards
Pathfinder Awards Pilot funding to catalyse innovative early-stage applied research and development projects in areas of unmet medical need
Additional information, appplication form and guidance
Wellcome Trust Centres
Wellcome Trust Centres Funding for world-leading groups proposing novel and innovative ways of tackling important research and translational questions.

All Innovations awards are milestone-based. These milestones can be technical, in terms of progression of the technology, or commercial, in terms of acquiring freedom to operate, achieving licensing or securing a patent position.

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