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The heartache of
St Valentine's day

Event at the Dana Centre

Heartache of St Valentine's Day

Does heartache really exist or is it all in the mind? What are the physical effects on the heart, body and brain and can we really die from a 'broken heart'?

Such contentious issues associated with the pain of heartache were discussed at an event on 11 February 2004 hosted at the Dana Centre. Led by a panel of distinguished medical professionals and advisors to the lovesick and heartbroken, the event brought together an invited audience to explore the occasions when medicine fails to provide the answers.


Barbara Myers (Chair)
BBC Radio 4 Presenter

Martin Cowie
Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College

Philip Evans
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Westminster

Brian Hurwitz
Professor of Medicine and Arts, King's College London

Virginia Ironside
Columnist for The Independent

Louisa Young
Author of 'The Book of the Heart'