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News: 2013

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Wellcome Trust publishes Annual Review 2013 The Wellcome Trust’s Annual Review 2013 is now available, presenting a selection of our major activities and achievements in the year from October 2012 to September 2013. 18 December 2013
Wellcome Trust announces 2012/13 annual results The Wellcome Trust today publishes its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year from 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013. 18 December 2013
Fireworks and bipolar: a cinematic metaphor Scottish film company Synchronicity Films are exploring bipolar disorder and the stigma of mental illness in a new independent feature film, 'Fireworks', supported by the Wellcome Trust. 17 December 2013
Biology imaging centre funded at Diamond Light Source Diamond Light Source, the UK's national synchrotron facility , has been granted £15.6 million for a new biology imaging centre. 16 December 2013
Antibiotic-resistant typhoid likely to spread despite drug control programmes Restricting the use of antibiotics is unlikely to stop the spread of drug resistance in typhoid fever, according to a study funded by the Wellcome Trust and published in the journal 'eLife'. 10 December 2013
The Russian Doctor: Introducing a new performance piece inspired by Chekhov's experiences in medicine “Medicine is my lawful wife and literature my mistress; when I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other.” - Anton Chekhov* 6 December 2013
Wellcome Library pledges support for Knowledge Unlatched open access project Wellcome Library has signed up to a new open access pilot project, Knowledge Unlatched (KU). KU aims to make a collection of books, covering a wide range of humanities and social science topics, available on open access licenses through funding from hundreds of libraries. 5 December 2013
Science Media Studentships: call for applications open The Wellcome Trust is supporting practising biomedical scientists to take Imperial College London’s MSc in Science Media Production. 2 December 2013
Film-maker Clio Barnard awarded Wellcome Trust and BFI Screenwriting Fellowship in association with Film4 Film-maker Clio Barnard ('The Selfish Giant', 'The Arbor') has been awarded the inaugural Wellcome Trust and BFI Screenwriting Fellowship in association with Film4. 28 November 2013
Enzyme target identified for new class of experimental antimalarial drugs The enzyme targeted by a new class of experimental antimalarial drugs is identified in a study published today in 'Nature', raising hope of a treatment that can cure, prevent and block transmission of the disease. 28 November 2013
Survey examines changes in sexual behaviour and attitudes in Britain New results published in The Lancet as part of the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) reveal how sexual behaviour and attitudes in Britain have changed in recent decades. Data from three Natsal studies, carried out every ten years, demonstrate changes in age at first sex, number of sexual partners, and prevalence of sexual practices, as well as attitudes towards sex. 26 November 2013
Sexually transmitted infections and risky sex still an issue in the UK New results from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), published in The Lancet, provide a picture of sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevalence and testing, uptake of sexual health interventions and service use, and risk behaviours in Britain. 26  November 2013
One in six pregnancies among women in Britain are unplanned One in six pregnancies among women in Britain are unplanned, and one in 60 women (1.5%) experience an unplanned pregnancy in a year, according to new results from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), published in The Lancet. 26 November 2013
One in ten women in Britain report having experienced sex against their will One in ten women (9.8%) and roughly one in seventy men (1.4%), when asked “Has anyone actually made you have sex with them, against your will?”, said yes, according to new results published as part of the third Natsal survey, published in The Lancet. 26 November 2013
One in six men and women feel that their health affects their sex life A new study, published in The Lancet as part of the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), systematically assesses the association between individuals’ general health and their sex lives, finding that close to one in six (17%) of men and women in Britain say that their health affects their sex life. This proportion rises to three fifths (60%) among men and women who say they are in bad health. 26 November 2013
At least four out of ten men and women have had a recent sexual problem Around half (51%) of women and four out of ten (42%) men report having had a recent sexual problem, but only one in ten say they are worried or distressed about their sex life, according to new results from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), published in The Lancet. 26 November 2013
Results from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles Results published today in The Lancet give the most detailed picture yet of the British population’s sex lives over the last 10 years, as part of the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal). 26 November 2013
Science Commentator of the year announced at The Comment Awards 2013 Freelance writer Anjana Ahuja has been awarded Science Commentator of the year in the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards 2013. 26 November 2013
New games added to The Great Brain Experiment Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL have found that by using a mobile app, it is possible to gather, on a large scale, the type of information that can traditionally only be gleaned from lab experiments. 21 November 2013
Wellcome Trust responds to Ofsted survey into school science education Ofsted, the official body for inspecting schools, has today published a report with detailed information about the highs and lows of school science. The Wellcome Trust broadly supports its recommendations and has responded to some of the issues raised in the report. 21 November 2013
Frederick Sanger: 1918-2013 Fred Sanger, the double Nobel Laureate who devised the method for DNA sequencing used in the Human Genome Project and after whom the Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre is named, has died at the age of 95. 20 November 2013
'Foreign Bodies, Common Ground' at Wellcome Collection Wellcome Collection's winter exhibition, ‘Foreign Bodies, Common Ground’, opens today, offering a unique exploration of global health. 14 November 2013
First Wellcome Trust open access book charts the increase in serious fungal disease in Britain and the USA The ‘grand narrative’ of 20th-century medicine is of the conquest of infectious diseases, through public health measures, vaccine and antibiotics. However, a new book looks more closely at fungal diseases (e.g. athlete's foot and thrush) within this narrative, challenging the assumption that they were previously seen to cause irritation rather than illness and were therefore marginal to medical advances. 14 November 2013
A study in live music and light: two audiovisual performances Complexity and contradiction are the topics explored in two audiovisual works, developed with support from the Wellcome Trust, to be performed together for the first time. 12 November 2013
Cause of rare genetic disorder found in 'dark matter' of DNA A genetic mutation linked to a rare disorder that results in babies being born without a pancreas has been uncovered in the 'dark matter' of DNA, the part of the human genome that does not contain genes. 11 November 2013
Discovery of HIV 'invisibility cloak' reveals new treatment opportunities Scientists have discovered a molecular invisibility cloak that enables HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to hide inside cells of the body without triggering the body's natural defence systems. 7 November 2013
Wellcome Book Prize relaunches The Wellcome Trust Book Prize was relaunched last night by the 2014 Chair of Judges Andrew Motion, with a bigger prize fund, new branding and a new home in Wellcome Collection. 6 November 2013
Authentic Biology: school students present results of real scientific research Students from five secondary schools will be presenting the results of their genuine academic research at a symposium alongside scientist and broadcaster Professor Robert Winston and neuroscientist Professor Russell Foster. 01 November 2013
Wellcome Trust Four-year PhD Studentship Programmes begin autumn 2014 intake Across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Wellcome Trust Four-year PhD Studentship Programmes are now recruiting. These support the most promising students in undertaking in-depth biomedical research training. 28 October 2013
London's Pulse opens up the capital's health records From smallpox to sun lamps, the health of London and Londoners over 125 years is uncovered with London’s Pulse, an ambitious digitisation project from the Wellcome Library that launches today, supported by Jisc. 28 October 2013
Wellcome Library launches open access fund for Library users The Wellcome Library today launched an open access fund to enable users to publish their papers, monographs and book chapters in open access form. 23 October 2013
Open Access Award recipients announced To mark the beginning of Open Access Week, the Accelerating Science Award Programme announced the three recipients of its inaugural award yesterday in Washington, DC. 22 October 2013
#Hooked: a citizen science experiment into what makes music memorable Researchers hope a newly launched experiment on music hooks could help future research into Alzheimer’s disease. 18 October 2013
Stem cell transplant repairs damaged gut in mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease A source of gut stem cells that can repair a type of inflammatory bowel disease when transplanted into mice has been identified by researchers at the Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge and at BRIC, the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 18 October 2013
Guy Thwaites begins as Director at Vietnam Research Programme Dr Guy Thwaites has taken up the role of Director at the Wellcome Trust's Vietnam Research Programme. 15 October 2013
Wellcome Trust to provide ring-fenced funding for public engagement activities The Wellcome Trust today announces that it is to provide ring-fenced funding to support its researchers in their public engagement activities. 10 October 2013
New initiative supports research to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries The Wellcome Trust, the Department for International Development, the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council today announced a £15 million collaboration to support research that will generate practical measures to improve health systems in low- and middle-income countries. 9 October 2013
Candidate malaria vaccine moves towards regulatory approval application following positive clinical trial results An application for regulatory approval for the most clinically advanced malaria candidate, RTS,S, could be submitted to the European Medicines Agency as early as next year following positive results from a late-stage clinical trial in African children. 8 October 2013
Wellcome Trust congratulates recipients of Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine The Wellcome Trust is delighted to congratulate two members of our research family on winning the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. 7 October 2013
Gene variant linked to prognosis in inflammatory diseases Researchers have identified a gene that is linked to long-term disease outcome in Crohn's disease, a common inflammatory bowel disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis. The findings reveal targets that could be exploited for new treatments. 4 October 2013
Jeremy Farrar begins as Director of Wellcome Trust Dr Jeremy Farrar today takes up his position as Director of the Wellcome Trust. 1 October 2013
Wellcome Trust letter in 'Science' highlights support for women in science The following letter was published in the 27 September issue of 'Science' (1), highlighting the Wellcome Trust's commitment to equality in scientific research. 30 September 2013
Shortlist announced for The Comment Awards 2013 The shortlist for the Science Commentator category in the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards 2013 has been announced following a judges' meeting at the Wellcome Trust. 30 September 2013
Report reveals issues that may turn women away from careers in academic science Lack of mentoring and career support along with a low number of female role models have been cited as key factors that may be driving women in science to move away from academic careers earlier than men, according to a qualitative study published by the Wellcome Trust. 26 September 2013
'Thinking with the Body' opens at Wellcome Collection Wellcome Collection’s autumn exhibition ‘Thinking with the body’ explores a series of long-standing interdisciplinary projects organised by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance to investigate creativity in dance. 19 September 2013
Financial boom and bust drivers might be all in the mind Market bubbles that lead to financial crashes may be self-made because of instinctive biological mechanisms in traders’ brains that lead them to try to predict how others behave, according to a study part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 19 September 2013
Winners announced for the 2013 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize The winners of the annual Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize, in association with the ‘Guardian’ and the ‘Observer’, were announced at an awards ceremony at Kings Place, London, yesterday evening. 18 September 2013
Chronic inflammation of blood vessels could help explain high childhood mortality in malaria regions Recurrent episodes of malaria cause chronic inflammation in blood vessels that might predispose people to future infections and may increase susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, a Wellcome Trust study in Malawian children has found. 18 September 2013
'False Memory Archive' culminates in touring exhibition Scientific research into the phenomenon of false memories underpins the national touring exhibition 'False Memory Archive’, opening at The Exchange in Penzance on Saturday 28 September. 13 September 2013
Vaccine campaign in sub-Saharan Africa reduces meningitis by 94 per cent A mass immunisation campaign with a new vaccine against a specific type of meningitis reduced the incidence of all cases of meningitis by 94 per cent in vaccinated areas, a study published today in the ‘Lancet’ has shown. 12 September 2013
Sir William Castell opens new MRI centre A new centre for magnetic resonance imaging is being opened at the University of York today by Sir William Castell, Chairman of the Wellcome Trust. 11 September 2013
Why warnings may be ineffective for young people Campaigns to get young people to stop smoking may be more successful by focusing on the positive benefits, such as having more money and better skin, rather than emphasising negative outcomes like increased disease risk, a study from Wellcome Trust researchers suggests. 10 September 2013
Wellcome Trust appoints new Head of Medical Humanities The Wellcome Trust has appointed a new Head of Medical Humanities. Dr Dan O'Connor joins from the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and will be working to enhance the impact of the Trust's recently expanded Medical Humanities portfolio. 9 September 2013
Wellcome Trust renews support for major overseas programme in Malawi The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme (MLW) - one of the Wellcome Trust's major overseas programmes - is to receive around 14 million over 5 years in renewed funding. 05 Sep 2013
'Fun with Cancer Patients' unpicks myths around illness 'Fun with Cancer Patients' is a unique project from artist Brian Lobel, alongside Fierce Festival and Birmingham's Teenage Cancer Trust. It aims to challenge the taboos and myths of living with cancer. 05 Sep 2013
Gene linked to mitochondrial disease will aid diagnosis An international team of researchers has identified the genetic basis of a rare but fatal type of mitochondrial disease.The findings will help doctors to more accurately diagnose the disease and exclude those who do not have it. 04 Sep 2013
Applications now accepted for Wellcome Trust-MIT Postdoctoral Fellowships The Wellcome Trust, in partnershipwith the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is offering opportunities for early-career postdoctoralresearchers to carry out interdisciplinary research at MIT. 03 Sep 2013
Wellcome Trust awards three new Engagement Fellowships The Wellcome Trust has announced three recipients for this year's Engagement Fellowships: Lavinia Greenlaw, Alasdair Hopwood, and Greg Foot. 03 Sep 2013
New Director named for leading HIV research centre in South Africa Deenan Pillay, Professor of Virology at UCL (University College London), is today named as the new Director of the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, one of the Wellcome Trust's major overseas programmes. 02 Sep 2013
Study reveals why the body clock is slow to adjust to time changes New research in mice reveals why the body is so slow to recover from jet-lag and identifies a target for the development of drugs that could help us to adjust faster to changes in time zone. 30 Aug 2013
Wellcome Trust and KU Leuven announce collaboration with Janssen for development of dengue antiviral drugs Researchers at the University of Leuven are joining forces with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the Wellcome Trust to discover and develop candidate antiviral drugs for the prevention and treatment of dengue infection. 29 Aug 2013
Schizophrenia symptoms linked to faulty 'switch' in the brain A study published today in 'Neuron' links the symptoms of psychosis experienced by people with schizophrenia to a faulty 'switch' within the brain. 22 Aug 2013
The Wellcome Trust comments on 2013 GCSE examination results The Wellcome Trust supports a toughening up of exam standards in science but warns that new accountability systems for English schools risk undermining the balance of science subjects at GCSE level. 22 Aug 2013
Surgical Safety Checklist is no magic bullet to prevent unsafe surgery, say researchers A widely promoted checklist to reduce complications and deaths during surgery is not straightforward to implement in either high- or low-income countries, says new research. 16 Aug 2013
Entry deadline for Wellcome Image Awards 2014 It has been confirmed that the next Wellcome Image Awards exhibition will take place in early 2014: any images submitted to Wellcome Images before 30 September will be considered. 16 Aug 2013
Funding opportunities for early career and returning scientists The Wellcome Trust is pleased to offer two funding opportunities for exceptional scientists who wish to build their independent careers. 16 Aug 2013
Scars in cancer cell DNA reveal 'smoking gun' of disease development A comprehensive map of scars left behind on the DNA of cancer cells is helping to reveal the biological processes underlying the genetic mutations that cause disease. 15 Aug 2013
Wellcome Trust comment on the 2013 A-level results Students in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have today received the results of their A-level examinations. The number of students taking A-level sciences and mathematics has risen again this year. 15 Aug 2013
Unexplored Riches in Medical History project gets second Wellcome Trust grant The Children's Society's Unexplored Riches in Medical History project has received a second grant of 102 309 from the Wellcome Trust's Research Resources scheme. 13 Aug 2013
Toddler height linked to learning and adult risk of chronic disease in low and middle income countries Children from low- and middle-income countries who grow taller during the first two years of life may do better at school and be healthier adults, whereas those who gain weight rapidly after the age of two are at higher risk of chronic diseases in later life. 09 Aug 2013
'Deeds Not Words' highlights environmental issues raised by Corby court case The first public exhibition of photographs from 'Deeds Not Words', a multi-layered social documentary project by artist Mark Neville, is now open at the Photographers' Gallery in London. 05 Aug 2013
Wellcome Trust statement on Wonga The Wellcome Trust has today released the following statement regarding its investment in Wonga. 02 Aug 2013
Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises: first call open The Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises programme is now open to expressions of interest for its first call for proposals. 30 Jul 2013
Study reveals annual cost of brain disorders in the UK at 113 billion A new report estimates that disorders of the brain, including dementia, stroke, and mental health issues, cost the UK almost 113 billion per year, more than the GDP of New Zealand. 25 Jul 2013
Folded figures fill the Wellcome Trust's windows in new commission A newly commissioned installation by Phoebe Argent brings an artistic edge to Euston Road. 24 Jul 2013
Children as young as seven affected by parents smoking A new study published today shows that children as young as seven who are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke from their mother have elevated levels of cotinine, a by-product of nicotine, in their blood. 24 Jul 2013
Wave of blue fluorescence reveals pathway of death in worms The final biological events in the life of a worm are described today, revealing how death spreads like a wave from cell to cell until the whole organism is dead. 24 Jul 2013
Brain picks out salient sounds from background noise by tracking frequency and time New research reveals how our brains are able to pick out important sounds from the noisy world around us. The findings, published online today in the journal 'eLife', could lead to new diagnostic tests for hearing disorders. 23 Jul 2013
Study links mental illness to early death in people with epilepsy People with epilepsy are ten times more likely to die before their mid-50s than the general population, according to a 41-year study part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 22 Jul 2013
Study confirms rising global burden of sickle cell anaemia in young children The global burden of the hereditary blood disorder sickle cell anaemia is increasing: it has been estimated that almost half a million babies will be born with the condition in 2050, according to a mathematical modelling study. 19 Jul 2013
Knockout mouse resource reveals genes and pathways linked to human disease Researchers have switched off more than 900 genes in mice, one at a time, to create anew resource that will reveal which genes are important for a wide range of biological functions such as fertility and hearing. 19 Jul 2013
Fund launched to seed new thinking in sustaining the future of health The Wellcome Trust today launches a global funding scheme to seed research into the impact of a changing world on the future of human health. 11 Jul 2013
International network makes critical health and demographic data available INDEPTH has launched two new data archives to give global public health researchers greater access to health and science research in low- and middle-income countries. 05 Jul 2013
Diamond Light Source names new CEO Professor Andrew Harrison has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Light Source Ltd with effect from 1st January 2014. 04 Jul 2013
Wellcome Collection event celebrates being wrong Wellcome Collection is celebrating human failures, fallacies and faults in an all-building spectacular. 'Wrong!' brings together scientists, magicians, film-makers and performers for an evening of errors. 02 Jul 2013
How the brain compensates for hearing loss points to new glue ear therapies Insights into how the brain compensates for temporary hearing loss during infancy, such as that commonly experienced by children with glue ear, have been revealed in a research study in ferrets. 28 Jun 2013
Dame Kay Davies to become Deputy Chairman of the Wellcome Trust The Wellcome Trust has today announced that Dame Kay Davies, Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy at the University of Oxford, has been appointed as its Deputy Chairman. 28 Jun 2013
Professor John O'Keefe announced as Inaugural Director of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Professor John O'Keefe has been appointed as Inaugural Director of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, it was announced today at a topping out ceremony for the new building. 26 Jun 2013
Wellcome Trust responds to government decision to maintain science spending The Wellcome Trust welcomes UK government support for science and research in the Spending Round 2013. 26 Jun 2013
Rare pregnancy condition programmes babies to become overweight Babies born to mothers who suffer from a rare metabolic complication during pregnancy are programmed to be overweight, according to a study published today in the 'Journal of Clinical Investigation'. 25 Jun 2013
Large genetic analysis reveals new clues to the biological roots of migraine The largest study of migraines to date reveals a further five genetic regions that are linked to the onset of migraine, giving new insights into the biological triggers that underlie migraine attacks. 24 Jun 2013
New Head of Cellular, Developmental and Physiological Sciences appointed Dr Alison Cave has joined the Wellcome Trust as Head of Cellular, Developmental and Physiological Sciences in its Science Funding Division. 21 Jun 2013
Combination of genetic and clinical tools maps recent coronavirus outbreak An international study involving scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has characterised the recent outbreak of the novel Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus. 20 Jun 2013
Wellcome Trust appoints new Head of Engaging Science Lisa Jamieson has been appointed as Head of Engaging Science at the Wellcome Trust, working to enhance the impact of the Trust's public engagement portfolio. 19 Jun 2013
Teachers receive national recognition for their contribution to science education The winners of the inaugural ENTHUSE Celebration Awards were announced last night at a prestigious ceremony at the Wellcome Trust. 19 Jun 2013
Final 'Wellcome News' published The new issue of 'Wellcome News' - the last to be produced by the Wellcome Trust - is out now. Featuring Nancy Papalopulu on frogs, cells and timing, Anke Ehlers on post-traumatic stress disorder, and a guide to the heart. 18 Jun 2013
Study of vocal impersonations reveals how we manipulate our voices A study of vocal impersonations has shown for the first time how speech production and voice perception systems in the brain interact to influence the way we change how our voices sound. 18 Jun 2013
New virus isolated from patients with severe brain infections Researchers have identified a new virus in patients with severe brain infections in Vietnam. Further research is needed to determine whether the virus is responsible for the symptoms of disease. 18 Jun 2013
Advances in genetic sequencing diagnose Paralympic hopeful's rare condition An international research team led by the University of Exeter has identified the single genetic mutation responsible for a rare condition in National Paracycling Champion Tom Staniford. 17 Jun 2013
Wellcome scientists rewarded in Queen's Birthday Honours list Three of the Wellcome Trust's most eminent scientists have been awarded major honours in the Queen's Birthday Honours list: Professor Mike Stratton, Professor Anne Johnson and Professor Stephen O'Rahilly. 17 Jun 2013
Latest 'Big Picture' issue explores how statistics help us understand the world The latest issue of 'Big Picture', the Wellcome Trust's free educational resource for teachers and learners, is all about making sense of numbers. 13 Jun 2013
Genetic studies lead to clinical trial of new treatment for type 1 diabetes A clinical trial is underway for a potential new treatment for type 1 diabetes that could eventually mean patients are able to reduce insulin treatment from several times a day to only once or twice a week. 11 Jun 2013
Genes help shape-shifting skin cancer cells to spread Researchers have identified a set of genes that regulate the ability of melanoma cells, a type of cancer cell, to change rapidly between two shapes to escape from the skin and spread around the body. 10 Jun 2013
Twins research comes of age The Department of Twin Research at King's College London celebrates 21 years of genetic research this week, highlighting key achievements and looking to the future of genetic research. 07 Jun 2013
Francis Crick Institute strategy unveiled at topping out ceremony Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Francis Crick Institute, has unveiled the organisation's strategy to coincide with the topping out ceremony for the institute, which will open in London in 2015. The ceremony on 6 June celebrated construction progress and the attainment of the highest point of the new structure. 07 Jun 2013
Ten objects, 20 stories: First Time Out Ten previously hidden objects go on display today in 'First Time Out' (6 June-31 July), which sees ten museums and galleries each exhibit an artefact from their archives that has never been seen before. 06 Jun 2013
World's health researchers form alliance to build data-sharing future More than sixty leading health care, research and disease advocacy organizations from across the world are joining together to form an international alliance dedicated to enabling secure sharing of genomic and clinical data. 06 Jun 2013
Trino Therapeutics raises 9 million euro to develop novel drug for inflammatory bowel diseases The Wellcome Trust has awarded a Strategic Translation Award to Trino Therapeutics to take forward a programme to develop a first-in-class drug for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. 05 Jun 2013
Former head of Perry Capital London office joins Wellcome Trust Investments Division Emma Davies, formerly the Chief Investment Officer at Big Society Capital, has joined the Wellcome Trust as an investment manager and taken on responsibility for part of the Trust's directly managed equity portfolio. 05 Jun 2013
Fund launched to support Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises A programme to support research that will save lives following a humanitarian crisis is being launched by Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance, supported by the Wellcome Trust and DFID. 04 Jun 2013
Taoiseach opens 7m euro clinical research facility in Ireland A 7m euro clinical research facility has been opened in Dublin by the Irish Premier, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, with funding from the Wellcome Trust and Health Research Board of Ireland. 04 Jun 2013
Nominate your favourite science commentator for the 2013 Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards The Wellcome Trust and Editorial Intelligence this week launch the first ever Science Commentator award as part of the 2013 Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards. Nominations are now open for the awards. 03 Jun 2013
New Mary Rose Museum opens revealing all her secrets 500 years after she sank The new Mary Rose Museum opens to visitors today at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Supported by a Wellcome Trust Capital Award, the new museum reunites the great Tudor warship with many of the 19 000 artefacts recovered - and with her crew, in a unique journey through Tudor life. 31 May 2013
Double dose of antiviral drug offers no added benefit in severe influenza Giving double doses of the antiviral drug oseltamivir, or Tamiflu, offers no clinical or virological advantages over a standard dose for patients admitted to hospital with severe influenza infection, study finds. 31 May 2013
Wellcome Trust extends open access policy to include scholarly monographs and book chapters The Wellcome Trust today announces that it is to extend its open access policy to include all scholarly monographs and book chapters written by its grantholders as part of their Trust-funded research. 30 May 2013
Wellcome Trust and MRC invest 24 million in Cambridge obesity institute The Wellcome Trustand Medical Research Council (MRC) are to invest 24 million into obesity research led by the Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (IMS). 29 May 2013
Avatar therapy helps silence voices in schizophrenia An avatar system that enables people with schizophrenia to control the voice of their hallucinations is being developed by researchers at UCL with support from the Wellcome Trust. 29 May 2013
Failure to use linked health records may lead to biased disease estimates Failure to use linked electronic health records may lead to biased estimates of disease incidence and outcome, researchers warn in a paper published online today in the British Medical Journal. 22 May 2013
Wellcome Trust expands funding streams in the humanities and social sciences The Wellcome Trust today announces the expansion of three funding streams to enable a wider range of research applications from the humanities, the social sciences and the arts. 22 May 2013
Teaching quality most important factor for inspiring interest in science Wellcome Trust Monitor, an independent nationwide survey, highlights the important role of science teachers in encouraging young people to learn science and as a source of careers advice. 21 May 2013
Estimates reveal low population immunity to new bird flu virus H7N9 in humans The level of immunity to the recently circulating H7N9 influenza virus in an urban and rural population in Vietnam is very low, according to the first population-level study to examinehuman immunity to the virus. 21 May 2013
Wellcome Trust launches Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships for Clinicians The Wellcome Trust is inviting applications for Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships for Clinicians. These support the most talented clinical academics wishing to pursue their research interests at a postdoctoral level. 20 May 2013
New model for genetic testing in cancer patients launched A research programme that will lay the foundations for anyone with cancer to have access to genetic testing has been launched with 2.7 million funding from the Wellcome Trust. 20 May 2013
New School Performance Dashboard provides detailed information for governors Fischer Family Trust has released a new School Performance Governor Dashboard aimed at all schools in England, working in partnership with the National Governors' Association and the Wellcome Trust. 17 May 2013
Nationwide survey reveals picture of UK's attitudes to science and medicine Wellcome Trust Monitor, an independent survey of 1396 adults and 460 young people (aged 14-18) reveals the most accurate picture to date of what the UK thinks about science, biomedical research and science education. 17 May 2013
Scientists unite in bid to solve mystery of mental illness and neurological conditions Some of the UK's leading neuroscientists, stem cell biologists, psychologists and psychiatrists are uniting to break down scientific barriers in a bid to solve the mystery of mental illness and neurological conditions. 17 May 2013
Study to investigate teenage brain development A new research project aims to shed light on what happens to the brain as young people mature, as part of a 5.4 million project funded by the Wellcome Trust. 15 May 2013
Study defines level of dengue virus needed for transmission Researchers have identified the dose of dengue virus in human blood that is required to infect mosquitoes when they bite. 14 May 2013
Funding boosts GSK's open approach to drug discovery for low-income countries The Wellcome Trust has awarded a 5 million Seeding Drug Discovery award to GSK to support its open approach to discovering and developing urgently needed new treatments for diseases of low-income countries. 03 May 2013
Standard & Poor's reaffirms Wellcome Trust's AAA credit rating The Wellcome Trust announced today that its AAA (stable) credit rating has been reaffirmed by Standard & Poor's. The Trust continues to be rated Aaa (stable) by Moody's Investors Service (Moody's). 03 May 2013
Wellcome Trust supports open access award programme The Wellcome Trust has joined with the Public Library of Science and Google to launch ASAP and recognise the use of scientific research, published through open access, that has led to innovations that benefit society. 02 May 2013
Wellcome Collection explores 'The Nose' Wellcome Collection opens its doors late on Friday 17 May for 'The Nose', a captivating night dedicated to this most 'overlooked' of body parts. The Nose runs from 19.00 to 23.00 and is free to all. 30 Apr 2013
'Fingerprinting' malaria parasite drug resistance offers new tool for tracking public health threat Resistance to the frontline antimalarial drug - artemisinin - can be identified and tracked by analysing the genetic fingerprint of parasite populations, a study published today in 'Nature Genetics' demonstrates. 29 Apr 2013
New app to explore young people's views Is being in love just a chemical reaction? Is technology harming our brains? Is it OK to use cognitive enhancers? These are just some of the debates in a new free app that explores questions about the brain. 29 Apr 2013
Study describes pump mechanism that enables bacteria to evade antibiotic attack Researchers have uncovered details of a mechanism that bacteria use to avoid the effects of antibiotics, which could pave the way for developing new drugs to counteract antibiotic resistance. 26 Apr 2013
Safety study reveals new antibiotic for C. difficile infections is well tolerated in healthy volunteers An experimental antibiotic for Clostridium difficile infections developed with support from the Wellcome Trust has successfully completed a phase 1 clinical trial and is well tolerated by healthy volunteers. 25 Apr 2013
Professor Jeremy Farrar named new Director of the Wellcome Trust The Board of Governors of the Wellcome Trust is pleased to announce the appointment today of Professor Jeremy Farrar as the Trust's new Director. 24 Apr 2013
Zebrafish genome yields significant similarity to human genome Sequencing of the zebrafish genome reveals that 70 per cent of human genes are related to genes found in the zebrafish and that 84 per cent of genes known to be associated with human disease have a zebrafish counterpart. 19 Apr 2013
Winner announced for Epic Games' Make Something Unreal Live 2013 Epigenesis - a computer game developed by Dead Shark Triplepunch - has won Make Something Unreal Live 2013, the European student game development competition. 12 Apr 2013
New Wellcome Collection game asks: Who's the Pest? Wellcome Collection today lets loose armies of digital ants to terrorise gamers in 'Who's the Pest?' But when the gameplay switches allegiance, players are left asking themselves who is really the villain of the piece. 11 Apr 2013
Global burden of dengue is triple current estimates The global burden of dengue infection is more than triple current estimates from the World Health Organization, according to a multinational study published online in the journal 'Nature'. 08 Apr 2013
Wellcome Trust report reviews 20 years of population and public health The Wellcome Trust has launched its latest portfolio review, 'Population and Public Health, 1990-2011', which describes the key breakthroughs in the field over the past two decades. 07 Apr 2013
New CEO takes the reins at Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance Dr Shahid Jameel has been appointed CEO of the India Alliance, an 80m partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. 05 Apr 2013
Wonder takes over the Barbican The Barbican is set to come alive with an interactive 'street fair' of brain experiments, illusions and workshops, stimulating talks, and comedian Ruby Wax talking about her battle with depression and the research that it has inspired. 05 Apr 2013
Study reveals how diabetes drug delays ageing in worms A widely prescribed type 2 diabetes drug slows down the ageing process by mimicking the effects of dieting, according to a study published this week using worms to investigate how the drug works. 02 Apr 2013
Study gives new insight into genetic risk of cancers Over 80 regions of the genome that can increase an individual's risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancers have been found in the largest ever study of its kind. 28 Mar 2013
New hope for safer, more stable foot and mouth disease vaccine A new method has been developed to produce a stable vaccine for foot and mouth disease that does not require the live virus, making it safer to produce and easier to transport and store than existing vaccines. 28 Mar 2013
Teach First and the Wellcome Trust partner to improve school governance Teach First and the Wellcome Trust, two charitable organisations with a shared interest in education, have announced plans to help improve the quality of school governance as part of their commitment to the field. 27 Mar 2013
Paranoia persists in mugging victims for months after attack Being randomly attacked in the street often leaves people paranoid and distrustful of others long after the attack, according to a study published today. 27 Mar 2013
Independent news and comment website The Conversation to launch in UK in May The Conversation, an independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists, will launch in the UK in May. 26 Mar 2013
Parkinson's drug helps older people to make decisions A drug widely used to treat Parkinson's disease can help to reverse age-related impairments in decision making, a study from researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging has shown. 25 Mar 2013
Follow-up study describes declining efficacy of malaria vaccine candidate over four years Long-term follow-up of a phase II study from researchers in Kenya shows that the efficacy of a malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S, wanes over time and varies with exposure to the malaria parasite. 21 Mar 2013
Who's the Pest? brings a season of insects to Wellcome Collection They are with us from the beginning and eat us when we die. Insects will always be a part of our lives, and a major new season at Wellcome Collection explores the complex story between us. 20 Mar 2013
New consortium to investigate mechanisms of developmental disorders A new consortium is to exploit ongoing research to identify genes that are essential for mouse development in order to investigate the origins of developmental diseases and birth defects in humans. 19 Mar 2013
Wellcome Trust charitable expenditure tops 10 billion since the 1980s The Wellcome Trust has revealed that the total amount of charitable expenditure made by the Trust since the 1980s - when it took on its modern form - reached 10.1 billion by the end of the latest financial year. 14 Mar 2013
Access to Nutrition Index calls on food manufacturers to address challenges The world's largest food and beverage manufacturers must do more to increase access to nutritious products and positively exercise their influence on consumers, says the first edition of the Access to Nutrition Index report. 13 Mar 2013
New Wellcome Trust Investigators in Medical Humanities announced The Wellcome Trust today announces the latest recipients of its Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities, awarded to world-class scholars at the interface of science, medicine, the humanities and the social sciences. 12 Mar 2013
The Great Brain Experiment: a new neuroscence app A new mobile app developed by scientists at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL aims to carry out science experiments that could previously only be conducted on small groups of volunteers in the lab. 11 Mar 2013
Company created to progress experimental Alzheimer's disease therapy King's College London, the Wellcome Trust and Advent Venture Partners have announced the formation of a new UK biotechnology company to progress research into new treatments for Alzheimer's disease. 05 Mar 2013
Million-page story of modern genetics launched by the Wellcome Library The papers of the pioneers of modern genetics have been collected together for the first time and made freely available in a 3.9m digitisation project from the Wellcome Library. 04 Mar 2013
Oxfam donates archive to the Bodleian Libraries Oxfam has announced it has donated its archive, spanning the past 70 years, to the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries. Now a four-and-a-half-year project is underway to catalogue Oxfam's extensive records. 25 Feb 2013
The value of HIV treatment scale-up Increased access to antiretroviral therapy has raised adult life expectancy by more than 11 years since 2004 in a community with high HIV prevalence, according to a study published today. 22 Feb 2013
New centre to accelerate drug development for diseases of low-income countries A major new centre to boost the development of drugs to tackle the foremost diseases of low-income countries is to be created at the University of Dundee. 13 Feb 2013
What can you do with your voice? Explore the unexpected qualities of your vocal cords at Wellcome Collection's next late event. Sounds of chattering, squawking and singing will fill Wellcome Collection on Friday 1 March. 12 Feb 2013
Dr Ted Bianco to be appointed Acting Director of the Wellcome Trust Dr Ted Bianco, currently Director of Technology Transfer at the Wellcome Trust, is to be appointed Acting Director of the Trust following the departure of Sir Mark Walport on 14 March. 06 Feb 2013
Channel 4 documentary and exhibition show how to build a bionic man A Channel 4 science documentary, airing on Thursday 7 February at 21.00, is bringing together a team of roboticists to create a complete 'bionic man' for the first time. 05 Feb 2013
Wellcome Trust Centres for Global Health Research We are pleased to announce the Wellcome Trust's five Centres for Global Health Research. The Wellcome Trust has committed more than 3m (total) to these Centres over the next five years. 05 Feb 2013
TB vaccine candidate does not protect infants The most advanced tuberculosis vaccine candidate, MVA85A, does not provide protection in preventing TB disease in infants previously vaccinated with BCG, according to the results of a clinical trial published today. 04 Feb 2013
Main causes of epilepsy in sub-Saharan Africa revealed The largest study of epilepsy in Africa to date reveals that programmes to control parasitic diseases and access to better antenatal care could substantially reduce the prevalence of the disease in this region. 31 Jan 2013
Studies identify two new genetic causes of rare childhood bone condition Researchers in Oxford have discovered two new genetic causes of craniosynostosis - a rare bone condition that can inhibit brain growth in children. 28 Jan 2013
How epigenetic information could be inherited A study published today in the journal 'Science' reveals a potential way for parents' life experiences to be passed to their offspring's genes. 25 Jan 2013
New method for DNA storage announced A new method of DNA storage has been created at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The method makes it possible to store 100 million hours of high-definition video, or the equivalent, in a cup of DNA. 24 Jan 2013
Barbican and Wellcome Trust announce full programme for 'Wonder' The Barbican and the Wellcome Trust today announce the full programme for 'Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain', which will see the public, artists and neuroscientists explore the inner workings of the brain. 23 Jan 2013
Early HIV treatment slows damage to immune system A 48-week course of antiretroviral medication taken in the early stages of HIV infection slows the damage to the immune system and delays the need for long-term treatment, according to research published today. 17 Jan 2013
Wellcome Collection launches The Hub The Wellcome Trust today invites applications for residency of The Hub, a new space and resource for interdisciplinary projects exploring medicine, health and wellbeing to be based in Wellcome Collection. 17 Jan 2013
Synthetic Schmallenberg virus made in the lab Researchers have made a synthetic copy of the Schmallenberg virus in the laboratory so that they can study how it infects cells and understand how to reduce disease. It is hoped the work will help in the quest for a vaccine. 16 Jan 2013
'Lexicon': Sound and vision give expression to dyslexia A poem written by a 12-year-old boy, which gives an insight into his feelings about struggling with dyslexia, has provided the inspiration for a new sonic artwork supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award. 14 Jan 2013
ThInk: A new blog about the brain The Wellcome Trust today launches ThInk, a new blog dedicated to exploring the human brain and the science, art and innovation that spring from it. 07 Jan 2013
Study turns parasite invasion theory on its head Current thinking on how the Toxoplasma gondii parasite invades its host is incorrect, according to a study published in 'Nature Methods' describing a new technique to knock out genes. 03 Jan 2013
Launch of Syncona Partners Syncona Partners LLP ("Syncona"), a new evergreen investment company, was launched today. The Wellcome Trust, which announced the initiative as Project Sigma in March 2012, has provided initial capital of 200m. 03 Jan 2013
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