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News: 2012

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Prestigious postdoctoral fellowships now awarded twice a year Building on the success of the Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme and the achievements of the Fellows supported so far, applications will now be accepted twice a year, giving candidates greater flexibility. 02 Apr 2014
The Wellcome Trust welcomes Government plans to modernise copyright The Wellcome Trust welcomes today's statement from the UK Government that sets out its commitment to modernise copyright through the introduction of new copyright exceptions. 20 Dec 2012
Wellcome Trust announces 2011/12 annual results The Wellcome Trust today publishes its 'Annual Report and Financial Statements' for the year from 1 October 2011 to 30 September 2012. 19 Dec 2012
Schizophrenia linked to social inequality Higher rates of schizophrenia in urban areas can be attributed to increased deprivation, increased population density and an increase in inequality within a neighbourhood, new research reveals. 18 Dec 2012
Scientists discover gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer Researchers have found that rare mutations in a gene called PPM1D are linked to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The discovery potentially reveals a new mechanism of cancer development. 17 Dec 2012
Website for new open-access journal, 'eLife', introduced today The website for the new open access journal 'eLife' launches today, revealing a fresh approach to presenting and using scientific content. 14 Dec 2012
School students to present findings from their scientific research Students from five secondary schools, who have been taking part in a unique initiative to carry out genuine academic research projects, will come together in a conference to present their work and share best practice. 12 Dec 2012
Brain study shows how people decide whether they have made the right choice Researchers supported by the Wellcome Trust have discovered how the brain assesses confidence in its decisions. The findings explain why some people have better insight into their choices than others. 10 Dec 2012
New technique to deliver stem cell therapy may help damaged eyes regain sight A new technique for delivering stem cell therapy to the eye has been described in the journal 'Acta Biomaterialia'. The technology has been designed to treat damage to the cornea, a major cause of blindness. 07 Dec 2012
Finalists announced for Epic Games' Make Something Unreal Live 2013 Four teams have been selected to compete in the grand final of Make Something Unreal Live 2013, the European student game development competition. 07 Dec 2012
Discovery of genes linked to red blood cell biology gives insight into anaemia A genetic study published today reveals new insights into how red blood cells are made and how the body regulates the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin they carry at any time. 06 Dec 2012
Learning to control brain activity improves visual sensitivity Training people to control their own brain activity can enhance their visual sensitivity, according to a new study. 05 Dec 2012
Rewarding people to live healthier lives is acceptable if it works, study reveals A UK study reveals that the public find it acceptable to reward people for changing their health-related behaviour, such as smoking or weight loss, as long as it works. 04 Dec 2012
New technique can generate stem cells from a routine blood sample Researchers have discovered an efficient and patient-friendly way to make stem cells from a routine blood sample, increasing the hope that scientists could one day use stem cells made from patients' own cells to treat conditions such as heart disease. 03 Dec 2012
Origin of intelligence and mental illness linked to ancient genetic accident In two papers published today in 'Nature Neuroscience', researchers have identified the key genes involved in the evolution of intelligence and complex behaviours in humans and other mammals. 03 Dec 2012
Genes link growth in the womb with adult metabolism and disease Researchers have identified four new genetic regions that influence birth weight, providing further evidence that genes as well as maternal nutrition are important for growth in the womb. 03 Dec 2012
First direct evidence links TB in cattle and local badger populations Transmission of tuberculosis between cattle and badgers has been tracked at a local scale for the first time, using a combination of bacterial whole-genome DNA sequencing and mathematical modelling. 30 Nov 2012
Science learning outside the classroom is undervalued, new report finds Museum visits, science festivals and theatre performances could all contribute to learning about science, but the UK science education community is failing to recognise their value, according to new research. 30 Nov 2012
Managing the transition to open access: a role for intermediaries? A new report from the UK Open Access Implementation Group examines the part that intermediaries could play in helping universities, funders and publishers to manage the impact of open access article processing charges. 30 Nov 2012
Computer test to identify youths at risk of depression in later life Researchers have identified a pattern in the way that some young people think about emotional information that could be used to help identify teenagers at risk of developing depression and anxiety. 29 Nov 2012
Offering rewards can improve visual awareness in stroke patients Stroke patients who have difficulty paying attention to part of their field of view may perform better when offered a reward, a study part-funded by the Wellcome Trust has found. 27 Nov 2012
Stories from the far side of research A new collection of specially commissioned short stories and commentaries exploring the human issues surrounding biomedical research is published today. 22 Nov 2012
Three-year study searches for new biological markers to measure parasite clearance in Chagas' disease The DNDi has received a 1.9 million Strategic Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust to identify new biological markers for the evaluation of treatment efficacy in Chagas' disease. 22 Nov 2012
Discovery of molecular pathway of Alzheimer's disease reveals new drug targets The discovery of the molecular pathway that drives the changes seen in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease is reported today, revealing new targets for drug discovery that could be exploited to combat the disease. 21 Nov 2012
Wonder: Barbican and Wellcome Trust collaborate on a season to light up the mind The Barbican and the Wellcome Trust today announce their collaboration on a season for spring 2013 that brings together the arts and neuroscience. 21 Nov 2012
Common enzyme deficiency may hinder plans to eradicate malaria A new study estimates that around 350 million people in malaria-endemic countries are deficient in an enzyme that means they can suffer severe complications from taking primaquine to treat relapsing malaria. 15 Nov 2012
Moderate drinking in pregnancy can affect a child's IQ Relatively small levels of exposure to alcohol while in the womb can influence a child's IQ, suggests a new study using data from more than 4000 mothers and their children in the Children of the 90s study (ALSPAC). 15 Nov 2012
Researchers use genome sequencing to dissect and control an MRSA outbreak Researchers have used DNA sequencing to help bring an infectious disease outbreak in a hospital to a close. The approach is much more accurate than current methods used to detect hospital outbreaks. 14 Nov 2012
Candidate vaccine reduces malaria by approximately one-third in African infants Results from a large-scale clinical trial have shown that a new candidate vaccine being developed by GlaxoSmithKline can help protect African infants against malaria. 12 Nov 2012
Study reveals how the brain stores information about social rank Researchers have discovered that we use a different part of our brain to learn about social hierarchies than we do to learn ordinary information. The study provides clues about how this information is stored in memory. 09 Nov 2012
'Circulation' by Thomas Wright wins the 2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize Thomas Wright has been announced as the winner of the 25 000 Wellcome Trust Book Prize for 'Circulation', his biography of William Harvey. 08 Nov 2012
Wellcome Trust and MRC invest 13m to create a new national stem cell resource The Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council today announced a 12.75 million initiative to create a catalogue of high-quality adult stem cells, so-called 'induced pluripotent stem cells'. 06 Nov 2012
Wellcome Collection releases magical app for Londoners Wellcome Collection is offering Londoners the chance to experience an enchanted version of their city with the release of a new free iPhone app, Magic in Modern London. 05 Nov 2012
1000 genomes study is 'guidebook' to how genes vary A landmark project that has sequenced 1092 human genomes from individuals around the world will help researchers to interpret the genetic changes in people with disease. 01 Nov 2012
Wellcome Trust Four-year PhD Studentship Programmes begin autumn 2013 intake Across the UK, the Wellcome Trust's Four-year PhD Studentship Programmes are inviting applications from students looking to undertake postgraduate training. 31 Oct 2012
Bacteria cocktail eradicates Clostridium difficile infection in mice Researchers have identified a combination of six naturally occurring bacteria that eradicate a highly contagious form of Clostridium difficile in mice. 26 Oct 2012
Stuttering test could be used to screen all schoolchildren A new model developed by Wellcome Trust researchers to predict the persistence of stuttering could be used to screen all children at school age, new research in the 'Journal of Fluency Disorders' suggests. 26 Oct 2012
Open Research and Contributor ID (ORCiD) registry launches Last week saw the launch of the ORCiD registry, a global registry of unique researcher identifiers that has the potential to address some of the long-standing challenges faced by funders and speed up processes for researchers. 25 Oct 2012
Mapping the global burden of sickle cell anaemia The first rigorous study to assess the global burden of sickle cell anaemia in recent times is reported today in the 'Lancet', giving an up-to-date view of the distribution of the disease. 25 Oct 2012
Brain changes suggest a biological basis for loneliness Researchers have found that lonely people have less grey matter in a part of the brain associated with decoding social cues, suggesting that there might be a biological basis for the feeling of loneliness. 25 Oct 2012
HIV antibody discovery opens door to better vaccine design A study from researchers in South Africa describes how a specific change in the outer coating of HIV in two infected women enabled them to produce deadly antibodies that are able to kill up to 88 per cent of HIV types. 24 Oct 2012
Wellcome Collection unveils 17.5 million development plans Wellcome Collection today unveiled a major 17.5m development project, which will create new galleries and spaces to meet overwhelming demand. The venue welcomed its 2 millionth visitor this summer. 24 Oct 2012
Study reveals brain changes in teenage girls with severe antisocial behaviour Teenage girls with severe antisocial behaviour show abnormal changes in the structure of their brains, according to a study published today. The findings support previous studies in boys. 22 Oct 2012
Combined pesticide exposure linked to impaired bumblebee colony success Individual worker behaviour and colony success are both affected when bees are exposed to a combination of pesticides, according to research funded by the Wellcome Trust under the Insect Pollinators Initiative. 22 Oct 2012
Wellcome Trust signs Declaration of Openness on animal research The Wellcome Trust has joined leading charities, universities and pharmaceutical companies in signing a Declaration of Openness on animal research. 19 Oct 2012
The Royal Society and Wellcome Trust name first Sir Henry Dale Fellows The Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust today announce the inaugural recipients of a joint new fellowship scheme that aims to nurture future world leaders in the biomedical sciences. 18 Oct 2012
Wellcome Trust sponsors new award for Science Commentator of the Year Editorial Intelligence has announced that the Wellcome Trust is to sponsor a science category at the networking business's annual Comment Awards. The awards celebrate the finest UK commentators and their editors. 18 Oct 2012
New Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellows announced The Wellcome Trust today announces its two new Engagement Fellows - Professor Roger Kneebone from Imperial College London and Dr Erinma Ochu from the University of Manchester. 16 Oct 2012
'eLife' releases first four papers The highly anticipated open access journal 'eLife' has published its first four papers today, ahead of the full website launch at the end of 2012. 16 Oct 2012
Children with ADHD find medication frees them to choose between right and wrong Children with ADHD tend to feel they benefit from medication and do not think the medication turns them into 'robots', according to a report published today. 15 Oct 2012
New 2.5 million consortium to investigate link between Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome A new consortium is to examine the link between Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome in an attempt to better understand the degenerative disease and predict which individuals are most at risk. 15 Oct 2012
Mobile phone data maps malaria spread New research that combines mobile phone data from 15 million people in Kenya with information on the regional incidence of malaria has revealed how human travel patterns contribute to the spread of the disease. 12 Oct 2012
Study reveals molecular key to inflammatory bowel disease Researchers have identified the molecular processes underpinning the onset of inflammatory bowel disease in mice, which could help to reveal the risk factors for these debilitating disorders in humans. 12 Oct 2012
Study reveals prehistoric journey of hepatitis B A new study has revealed how the spread of hepatitis B coincides with dates of human migration throughout history. The study could provide a framework for studying the burden and evolution of the hepatitis B virus. 11 Oct 2012
Translation Award to develop innovative irrigation pump Technology company Thermofluidics has received a Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust to develop an innovative, low-cost irrigation pump to improve the health of smallholders in low-income countries. 10 Oct 2012
Winner of the first Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize announced Al Smith has won the first ever Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize for 'Halflife', a coming-of-age love story centred on two brain-damaged teenagers on a road trip. 09 Oct 2012
First recipients of research grants to support genomic studies in Africa announced African scientists will conduct genomic research on kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, TB and African sleeping sickness through inaugural grants of the Human Heredity and Health in Africa Consortium. 08 Oct 2012
Sir John Gurdon, Wellcome Trust researcher and former governor, awarded Nobel Prize Professor Sir John Gurdon, after whom the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge was named, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology, it was announced today. 08 Oct 2012
Smell of mother, not pheromone, triggers breastfeeding in mice A new study has revealed that mice learn to suckle their mother's milk in response to her unique combination of smells - not pheromones, as was previously thought. 05 Oct 2012
Diabetes screening might not reduce deaths Screening the UK population to pick up undiagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes may not be as effective at preventing deaths as previously thought, according to a new study published today in the 'Lancet'. 04 Oct 2012
Whole-genome sequencing tracks spread of severe intestinal disease in sub-Saharan Africa The emergence and spread of a particularly virulent and rapidly evolving strain of Salmonella bacteria may have been made worse by the HIV epidemic in Africa. 03 Oct 2012
Seeding Drug Discovery scheme opens up to early-stage drug development The Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery scheme is changing to enable earlier-stage projects to be competitive for funding and to support later-stage projects further towards clinical trials. 03 Oct 2012
How memory load leaves us 'blind' to new visual information Trying to keep an image we've just seen in memory can leave us blind to things we are 'looking' at, according to the results of a new study supported by the Wellcome Trust. 01 Oct 2012
Study highlights the burden of epilepsy in low-income countries The burden of epilepsy in poorer parts of the world could be readily alleviated by reducing the preventable causes and improving access to treatment, according to a review article published today. 28 Sep 2012
Hearing brains are 'deaf' to the disappearance of sounds Our brains are better at hearing new and approaching sounds than detecting when a sound disappears, according to a study published today and part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 28 Sep 2012
Shortlist announced for Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize Film ideas inspired by neuroscience, memory, technology, mental health and genetic engineering are among the contenders in the shortlist, announced today, for the inaugural Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize. 26 Sep 2012
Wellcome Trust expands the Interview Panel for Investigator Awards and senior level Fellowships The Wellcome Trust today announces an expansion of the core membership of its Interview Panel. Professor Nish Chaturvedi has been appointed to complement the expertise of Sir Paul Nurse and Professor Deborah Smith. 25 Sep 2012
Winners announced for the 2012 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize The winners of the annual Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize, in association with the 'Guardian' and the 'Observer', have been announced. 20 Sep 2012
First Pathfinder Awards announced tackling rare and orphan diseases The first two projects to be funded under the Wellcome Trust's new Pathfinder Awards are announced today, tackling rare and orphan diseases for which there are currently no or very limited treatment options. 18 Sep 2012
Public consultation launched on techniques to prevent transmission of mitochondrial diseases The HFEA has today launched a public consultation to gather people's views about the social and ethical impact of new techniques to prevent mitochondrial diseases being passed down the maternal line. 17 Sep 2012
Bacterial shoot 'em up wins out in Gamify Your PhD project After a two-day games hack in which scientists and games developers came together to create video games from doctoral research, 'Dysbiosis' has emerged as the winner of the Wellcome Trust's Gamify Your PhD project. 14 Sep 2012
Stem cell treatment restores hearing in deaf gerbils A study published today reports how researchers have restored responses to sounds in deaf gerbils using stem cells. The findings could pave the way for a cell-based therapy for a common form of hearing loss in humans. 13 Sep 2012
First strategic highlight for the Translation Fund focuses on 'restoring the body' The Wellcome Trust today announced the first strategic highlight for the new Translation Fund. 13 Sep 2012
Study reveals extent of type 2 diabetes problem in black and minority ethnic populations Half of all people of South Asian, African and African-Caribbean descent in the UK will develop diabetes by age 80, according to a new study. The study also provides some answers about the causes of the increased risk. 11 Sep 2012
'Junk DNA' theory debunked conclusively At least 80 per cent of the human genome is involved in significant biological activity, even though most of it is not made up of genes that code for proteins. 06 Sep 2012
2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize longlist announced The longlist for the 25 000 Wellcome Trust Book Prize was announced yesterday, bringing together a varied range of fiction and non-fiction on the theme of health, illness and medicine. 05 Sep 2012
Leading private equity chief joins Wellcome Trust Board of Governors Damon Buffini, one of the City's leading private equity fund managers, has joined the Board of Governors of the Wellcome Trust, taking up his position at the beginning of September. 04 Sep 2012
Tuning the brain: how piano tuning may cause changes to brain structure Working as a piano tuner may lead to changes in the structure of the memory and navigation areas of the brain, suggests new research funded by the Wellcome Trust. 29 Aug 2012
30 million boost for biomedical engineering research The Wellcome Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) today announced the launch of a joint 30 million initiative to find biomedical engineering solutions to challenging healthcare problems. 29 Aug 2012
Study reveals human drive for fair play People will reject an offer of water, even when they are severely thirsty, if they think the offer is unfair, according to a new study funded by the Wellcome Trust. The findings have important implications for understanding how we make decisions that need to balance fairness and self-interest. 24 Aug 2012
Wellcome Trust Head of Education comments on GCSE results Students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland today received the results of their GCSE examinations. Overall, the results are very encouraging, with the number of students taking triple sciences continuing to rise. 23 Aug 2012
DNA sequencing confirms HIV transmission through surrogate breastfeeding DNA sequencing has provided evidence of HIV-1 transmission from an infected woman breastfeeding her niece in South Africa, drawing attention to the need for HIV testing of all breastfeeding surrogates as well as mothers. 23 Aug 2012
Study highlights high rates of infectious diseases among homeless populations Rates of the infectious diseases HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis among the world's homeless people are many times higher than in the general population, according to a systematic review of existing data. 21 Aug 2012
Researchers identify which sensory nerve cells contribute to chronic nerve pain New research has identified the subtypes of sensory nerve cells that are likely to contribute to long-term nerve pain from partial nerve injury. It is hoped this will aid in the development of painkillers. 17 Aug 2012
Wellcome Trust Head of Education comments on A-level results Students in England, Northern Ireland and Wales today receive the results of their A-level examinations, and the number of students taking A-level sciences and mathematics has risen again this year. 16 Aug 2012
Brain scans reveal clues to black belt punching power Brain scans have revealed distinctive features in the brain structure of karate experts that are associated with how well they performed in a test of punching ability. 15 Aug 2012
Bacteria-resistant materials offer new weapon in fight against hospital infections Researchers have discovered a new class of materials that are resistant to bacterial attachment, which could one day lead to a significant reduction in hospital infections and medical device failures. 13 Aug 2012
Ten new diabetes gene links offer picture of biology underlying disease Ten more DNA regions linked to type 2 diabetes have been discovered, bringing the total to more than 60. The study provides a fuller picture of the genetics and biological processes underlying type 2 diabetes. 13 Aug 2012
Delirium increases elderly risk of dementia Older people who have experienced episodes of delirium are significantly more likely to develop dementia, according to new research part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 09 Aug 2012
Wellcome Trust and MRC invest in world-class Stem Cell Institute Two of the UK's largest funders of medical research are to invest 8 million in a new world-leading centre for stem cell biology and medicine, the Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. 09 Aug 2012
Translation Award to develop proton therapy for cancer patients A team of researchers led by the University of Lincoln has received a 1.6 million Translation Award to develop more effective radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients. 08 Aug 2012
New antibiotic 'safe and well tolerated' in phase I clinical trial A new antibiotic treatment for Clostridium difficile infections has been found to be safe and well tolerated in a phase I clinical trial. 07 Aug 2012
Vaccine will be crucial in fight against dysentery Analysis of a type of dysentery-causing bacteria has revealed its origin and the reasons for its spread. The findings, which have important implications, highlight that vaccine development will be crucial. 06 Aug 2012
Study solves mystery of snail-fever immunity Researchers have discovered how people naturally build up immune resistance to snail fever - an infection caused by parasitic worms. It is hoped that the findings will help in the hunt for a vaccine for the disease. 02 Aug 2012
New centres put health records at the heart of UK medical research A consortium of UK government and charity funders has made a 19 million investment to establish four e-health research Centres of Excellence in London, Manchester, Dundee and Swansea. 02 Aug 2012
Poor mental health linked to reduced life expectancy People with mental health problems have a lower life expectancy, according to a study published today. The findings may prompt further research into how doctors treat patients with psychological problems. 01 Aug 2012
Discovery of immune cell reveals target for better vaccine design A type of white blood cell that is responsible for activating killing immune responses to external sources of infection has been identified. The finding will help scientists to design better vaccines for certain conditions. 30 Jul 2012
Study raises concerns over accuracy of tools to predict risk of repeat offending Tools designed to predict an individual's risk of criminal behaviour are not sufficient on their own to inform sentencing and release or discharge decisions, according to a study published online today. 27 Jul 2012
Child's behaviour linked to father-infant interactions Children whose fathers are more positively engaged with them at the age of three months have fewer behavioural problems at the age of twelve months, according to new research funded by the Wellcome Trust. 19 Jul 2012
Frequent antenatal screening dramatically reduces maternal mortality on Thai-Myanmar border Frequent antenatal screening has allowed doctors to detect and treat malaria in its early stages on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, dramatically reducing the number of deaths among pregnant women. 19 Jul 2012
Early career scientists given support to pursue research in best international labs Twelve newly qualified researchers have been awarded Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships, which provide 250 000 over four years so researchers can pursue important biomedical research questions. 13 Jul 2012
European Research Council renews its commitment to open access by joining Europe PubMed Central The European Research Council announced today that it will participate in the UK PubMed Central open access repository service, joining 18 existing UK and European funders. 13 Jul 2012
Concordat aims to strengthen UK research integrity The Wellcome Trust has signed an agreement to promote the highest standards in research, which launches today at Universities UK. 11 Jul 2012
Science Writing Prize 2012: shortlist announced The Wellcome Trust today reveals the shortlist for its popular Science Writing Prize in association with the 'Guardian' and the 'Observer'. 09 Jul 2012
Wellcome Trust to provide financial support for science journalism students The Wellcome Trust is to offer financial support for two students per year for three years to undertake a postgraduate qualification in science journalism at City University London. 06 Jul 2012
Wellcome Trust supports collaboration to find new treatment for tuberculosis The Wellcome Trust has supported a collaboration between AstraZeneca and Cellworks to speed the design of new combination therapies for the treatment of tuberculosis, including multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. 04 Jul 2012
Working Together: making STEM happen in secondary schools The Wellcome Trust has published the results of a two-year initiative in Camden to help schools foster a more interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 03 Jul 2012
2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize judging panel announced The judging panel for the fourth Wellcome Trust Book Prize is announced today. Chairing the panel of judges this year is journalist, broadcaster and author Mark Lawson. 29 Jun 2012
Wellcome Trust strengthens its open access policy The Wellcome Trust today announces that it will be strengthening the manner in which it enforces its open access policy with immediate effect. Failure to comply could result in final grant payments being withheld. 28 Jun 2012
Sir Mark Walport, director of Wellcome Trust, appointed to succeed as UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Mark Walport, who has been director of the Wellcome Trust since 2003, has been appointed to succeed Sir John Beddington as the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser. He will take up his new post in April 2013. 28 Jun 2012
Wellcome Trust response to the BIS Committee's Review of the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property The Wellcome Trust is pleased that the BIS Committee recognises the potential benefits of content mining but is concerned that the report focuses exclusively on a publisher-licensing model as the only viable solution. 27 Jun 2012
Call for submissions to 'eLife' journal for life and biomedical sciences eLife, the funder-researcher collaboration for the very best in science and science communication, is now accepting submissions for its new journal. 22 Jun 2012
Wellcome Trust announces changes to translation funding schemes The Wellcome Trust's Translation Awards and Strategic Translation Awards are merging to create a new Translation Fund. 22 Jun 2012
Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst to welcome Cambridge University researchers A new centre of innovation for Cambridge University is to be sited at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, the UK's first open innovation bioscience campus. 21 Jun 2012
Photograph of a living human brain is the overall winner of Wellcome Image Awards 2012 A visceral photograph of a living human brain has been announced as the overall winner in this year's Wellcome Image Awards. 21 Jun 2012
Get closer to science with Wellcome Image Awards 2012 A vibrant false-coloured magnification of a caffeine crystal, a hypnotising image of dividing cancer cells and a hair-raising close-up of a hopping fly are just some of the winners in the Wellcome Image Awards 2012. 20 Jun 2012
'Memory Trace' at the Wellcome Trust London landmarks take a cerebral twist in Gayle Chong Kwan's 'Memory Trace', a newly commissioned photographic work displayed in the windows of the Wellcome Trust headquarters. 20 Jun 2012
Wellcome Trust responds to Finch Report on open access The Wellcome Trust today responds to 'Accessibility, Sustainability, Excellence: How to expand access to research publications', the report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings. 19 Jun 2012
Patterns of brain activity in response of emotional faces may help diagnose bipolar disorder Software programmed to recognise patterns of activity in the brain could help doctors diagnose mental illnesses more accurately in the future, according to research funded by the Wellcome Trust. 19 Jun 2012
Gene clue to drug resistance in African sleeping sickness Researchers have identified a gene that controls susceptibility to drug treatment in Trypanosoma brucei, the parasite responsible for African sleeping sickness. 19 Jun 2012
Wellcome Trust and BFI launch screenwriting prize to inspire science in films The Wellcome Trust today launches a major new annual screenwriting prize, in association with the BFI Film Fund. The Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Prize aims to encourage high-quality films inspired by biology and medicine. 18 Jun 2012
European Parliament urged to continue funding research using embryonic stem cells A coalition of leading funders of biomedical research and patients groups has today issued a joint statement calling on the European Parliament to continue funding research using embryonic stem cells. 15 Jun 2012
Study tracks MRSA outbreak in real time Whole-genome sequencing can provide information on bacterial transmission during an outbreak of infection in real time, which might prove valuable in controlling hospital outbreaks of deadly superbugs. 14 Jun 2012
Nature or nurture? It may depend on where you live The extent to which our development is affected by nature or nurture - our genetic make-up or our environment - may differ depending on where we live, according to research funded by the MRC and the Wellcome Trust. 12 Jun 2012
New 'Big Picture' shows where studying biology can lead Decisions about careers can be tricky, especially for students. So, the latest 'Big Picture', the Wellcome Trust's free resource for teachers and learners, is all about the careers that studying biology can lead to. 12 Jun 2012
New research provides insight into placental growth and healthy pregnancy Researchers have identified a molecule that regulates the growth of the placenta during pregnancy. The findings, published this week, have important implications for understanding a healthy pregnancy. 11 Jun 2012
New global clinical trials to tackle key health issues in low- and middle-income countries Nine new projects have been announced as part of the Joint Global Health Trials programme, an initiative between the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust and the Department for International Development. 06 Jun 2012
UK's first Science Garden puts the science into summer The UK's first Science Garden opens to the public tomorrow at Birmingham's Thinktank, giving people of all ages a space to have fun in the sun while learning about science. 01 Jun 2012
A postcoital switch: mapping the changing behaviours in the female fruit fly's mind Researchers have used dramatic changes in the behaviour of the female fruit fly after sex to help map gender differences in neural circuits. 01 Jun 2012
Variations of a single gene can lead to too much or too little growth A gene previously linked to too much growth in patients has now also been linked to growth restriction. Different forms of the gene can lead to very different conditions, according to research published today. 28 May 2012
Study links mental health problems to poor prognosis in male cancer patients Men suffering from psychiatric problems when diagnosed with cancer are more likely to die from the disease, according to a new study part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 24 May 2012
UK funding bodies urge universities to improve the design and reporting of animal research The heads of the three main funding bodies for bioscience research in the UK have written an open letter urging universities and research institutes to ensure they observe guidelines to improve reporting of animal research. 22 May 2012
New scheme for Centres for Global Health Research The Wellcome Trust today launches a new 3.5m fund to support Centres for Global Health Research, to offer career support for researchers in public health and tropical medicine and foster exchange between institutions. 18 May 2012
Archives from the pioneers of modern genetics to be brought together for the first time The Wellcome Library is to bring the papers of the pioneers of modern genetics together in one place for the first time as part of a ground-breaking digitisation project, 'Modern Genetics and its Foundations'. 17 May 2012
NHS set to benefit from UK-led technologies Video games, pioneering gene therapies and new medical devices are set to transform treatments on the NHS, with support from the Health Innovation Challenge Fund from the Department of Health and the Wellcome Trust. 17 May 2012
Virtual reality allows researchers to measure brain activity at unprecedented resolution Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to measure brain activity during behaviour in large populations of nerve cells at the resolution of individual cells. 10 May 2012
94 elements to be explored in new film project A new web-based filmmaking project launched last week, bringing together award-winning filmmakers and emerging talent to create original films about the ways in which the 94 naturally occurring elements affect our lives. 10 May 2012
Why women wiggling in high heels could help improve prosthetic limbs and robots People walking normally, women tottering in high heels and ostriches strutting all exert the same forces on the ground despite their very differently shaped feet, according to research. 09 May 2012
Delirium mouse model helps researchers understand the condition's causes A new mouse model of delirium developed by Wellcome Trust researchers has provided an important insight into the mechanisms underlying the condition, bringing together two theories on its causes. 02 May 2012
Translation Award investigates new therapy to prevent type 1 diabetes A project to develop a new therapy for type 1 diabetes launches today. The new therapy is designed to target the immune response that underlies the condition and, if successful, could prevent the disease from developing. 02 May 2012
Leading investments industry figure joins Wellcome Trust Board of Governors Alan Brown, a leading figure in the investments community, is to join the Board of Governors of the Wellcome Trust, it is announced today. He will take up his position on 1 May. 27 Apr 2012
Study reveals how ancient viruses became genomic 'superspreaders' Scientists have uncovered clues as to how our genomes became riddled with viruses. The study, supported by the Wellcome Trust, reveals important information about the so-called 'dark matter' of our genome. 24 Apr 2012
New centre aims to understand how intelligence arises from brain's circuits A new research centre opens today at Oxford University to investigate how intelligence arises in the brain from the physical interaction of nerve cells that are wired into circuits. 23 Apr 2012
Standard & Poor's reaffirms Wellcome Trust's AAA credit rating The Wellcome Trust announced today that its AAA (stable) credit rating has been reaffirmed by Standard & Poor's. The Trust continues to be rated Aaa (stable) by Moody's Investors Service (Moody's). 20 Apr 2012
Improved flexibility of Wellcome Trust senior biomedical schemes The Wellcome Trust is increasing the flexibility of its senior level schemes, aligning its Principal and Senior Research Fellowships with its Investigator Awards to increase the opportunities to apply for funding. 12 Apr 2012
Emergence of artemisinin resistance on Thai-Myanmar border raises spectre of untreatable malaria Evidence that the most deadly species of malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, is becoming resistant to the frontline treatment for malaria on the border of Thailand and Myanmar is reported in the 'Lancet' today. 05 Apr 2012
Research uncovers genetic basis of effective cancer treatment Research published in 'Nature' last week has revealed new information about why not all patients with the same type of cancer respond to the same drugs. 03 Apr 2012
UK Biobank opens to researchers A unique data resource of the health and lifestyles of half a million Britons - including 26 000 people with diabetes, 41 000 teetotallers and 11 000 heart attack patients - becomes available for research today. 30 Mar 2012
Genome study confirms immune system link to disfiguring leg swelling Genetic variants in a region of the genome linked to our immune response have been linked to an increased risk of podoconiosis, a disfiguring leg swelling caused by an abnormal reaction to minerals found in soil. 29 Mar 2012
Gene can make mild influenza a life-threatening disease A new finding could help explain why influenza becomes a life-threatening disease for some people but has only mild effects in others. Research has identified a gene that influences how we respond to influenza infection. 26 Mar 2012
The impossible staircase in our heads: how we visualise the world around us Our interpretation of the world around us may have more in common with the impossible staircase illusion than it does the real world, according to research published today in the open access journal 'PLoS ONE'. 23 Mar 2012
People with autism have a greater ability to process information People with autism have a greater than normal capacity for processing information and are better able to detect information defined as 'critical', according to a study published today. 22 Mar 2012
Wellcome Trust to launch 200 million investment business for healthcare and life sciences The Board of Governors of the Wellcome Trust has approved the creation of a new business that will invest in emerging businesses and technologies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. 20 Mar 2012
Scientists map hotspots for genetic exchange in chimpanzees Scientists at the University of Oxford and the University of Chicago have constructed the first genetic map in chimpanzees of recombination - the exchange of genetic material within a chromosome that makes us all unique. 16 Mar 2012
Sanger Institute researcher scoops The Brain Prize Professor Karen Steel from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has been awarded The Brain Prize 2012 for her work investigating the molecular basis of hereditary deafness. 15 Mar 2012
London 2012-inspired science experience debuts at Big Bang Fair in Birmingham Young people from around the UK will get a hands-on insight into how their bodies work during exercise, movement and rest when the Wellcome Trust's In the Zone initiative arrives at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham next week. 14 Mar 2012
Award to develop new drug against Chagas' disease The DNDi has received a Strategic Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust to develop a promising drug to treat Chagas' disease. The Award will take the project to the end of phase II clinical trials. 13 Mar 2012
Prizes awarded for new research improving animal welfare in the life sciences Wellcome-Trust funded scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh, the Sanger Institute and the Institute of Cancer Research have received prizes for innovations that reduce the use of animals in research. 12 Mar 2012
Unique project aims to measure impact of mass media on saving lives A new initiative underway in Burkina Faso aims to save thousands of lives by using 60-second radio adverts and radio phone-ins to change the behaviour of pregnant women and new mothers. 09 Mar 2012
Publication of the gorilla genome opens window onto human evolution The sequence of the gorilla genome is published today, providing a unique perspective on our own origins and an important resource for research into human evolution and biology, as well as gorilla biology and conservation. 08 Mar 2012
Strategic Translation Award boosts neglected tropical disease research at the University of Dundee The University of Dundee has received a five-year Strategic Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust to further the fight against some of the world's most neglected parasitic diseases. 07 Mar 2012
Health Innovation Challenge Fund takes flexible approach Changes to the Health Innovation Challenge Fund will now make it easier for organisations and groups to submit research proposals for projects that will further the development of innovative healthcare products. 05 Mar 2012
Nearby chimpanzee populations show much greater genetic diversity than distant human populations Chimpanzee populations living in close proximity are substantially more different genetically than humans living on different continents, according to a study published today in 'PLoS Genetics'. 02 Mar 2012
Clean delivery kits linked to substantial reduction in neonatal deaths in South Asia Providing clean delivery kits and improving birthing practices could halve the number of neonatal deaths following home births in South Asia, according to research funded by the Wellcome Trust. 29 Feb 2012
'Wave' by Sigune Hamann Visitors and passers-by will find themselves greeted by unknown figures waving to them at Wellcome Collection this March as a new art installation takes over the building's foyer and windows. 28 Feb 2012
Wellcome Trust Assessment Framework Report 2010/11 and Strategic Plan update Published today, our Assessment Framework Report summary for 2010/11 and two-year Strategic Plan update provide an overview of what we have achieved and our emerging strategic priorities. 28 Feb 2012
Art and health in the slums: exploring the health concerns of Mumbai's poorest communities Dharavi, one of the most disadvantaged areas of Mumbai, India, is to be home to an ambitious art exhibition - involving residents, artists and health professionals - expressing the health concerns of its residents. 24 Feb 2012
Outstanding scholars receive inaugural Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities The Wellcome Trust today announces the first recipients of its Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities, awarded to world-class asking the most important questions at the interface of science, medicine and the humanities. 23 Feb 2012
Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst opens for business The UK's first open innovation bioscience campus, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, is now open for business with the first tenants having taken space in the new purpose-built facility. 23 Feb 2012
Scientists identify link between size of brain region and conformity Every generation has its James Dean: the rebel who refuses to follow their peers. Now, a new study has found a link between the amount of grey matter in one brain region and an individual's likelihood of conforming. 21 Feb 2012
Fatal devil cancer genome sequenced Researchers, including several from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute near Cambridge, have sequenced the genome of a cancer that is threatening the existence of the Tasmanian devil. 17 Feb 2012
Successful third round Investigators named The latest Investigator Awards in the biomedical sciences have been made. The eight Awards range in value from just over 900 000 to 1.9 million and will last between five and seven years. 17 Feb 2012
New lab model of Alzheimer's disease will help research A new way of studying Alzheimer's disease in the lab, developed by scientists at the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, will help researchers understand how the disease progresses. 16 Feb 2012
Computer programs may be able to identify individuals most at risk of anxiety and mood disorders Computer programs can be taught to differentiate between the brain scans of healthy adolescents and those most at risk of developing psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression. 16 Feb 2012
Ultrasound study provides first direct evidence of effect of malaria on fetal growth A study of almost 3800 pregnancies has provided the most accurate and direct evidence to date that malaria infection reduces early fetal growth. The research highlights the importance of preventing malaria in pregnancy. 10 Feb 2012
Wellcome Trust "creates science legacy" from London 2012 From today, pupils at every school and college across the UK will get the opportunity to learn how their bodies work during exercise, movement and rest with free experiment kits from the Wellcome Trust's In the Zone initiative. 09 Feb 2012
Genetic variant increases risk of common type of stroke A genetic variant that increases the risk of a common type of stroke has been identified. This is one of the few genetic variants to be associated with the risk of stroke and opens up new possibilities for treatment. 06 Feb 2012
New scheme tackles orphan and neglected diseases A new funding scheme to support academic-industry partnerships for early-stage applied research and development projects in orphan and neglected disease areas launches today. 06 Feb 2012
'Goldilocks' gene could determine best treatment for tuberculosis patients Tuberculosis (TB) patients may receive treatments in the future according to which version they have of a single 'Goldilocks' gene, says an international research team part-funded by the Wellcome Trust. 03 Feb 2012
Old drug shows new promise to treat leishmaniasis A study published yesterday shows that a drug called fexinidazole could potentially be used to treat visceral leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease that kills 50 000 to 60 000 people a year in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 02 Feb 2012
First award under Irish partnership examines links between obesity, diet and heart disease Dr Fiona McGillicuddy from University College Dublin has become the first recipient of funding under the Science Foundation Ireland-Health Research Board-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Partnership. 01 Feb 2012
Testosterone makes us less cooperative and more egocentric Testosterone makes us overvalue our own opinions at the expense of cooperation, recent research has found. The findings may have implications for how group decisions are affected by dominant individuals. 01 Feb 2012
Genetics study reveals how bacteria behind serious childhood diseases evolve to evade vaccines Genetics has provided surprising insights into why vaccines used to combat serious childhood infections can eventually fail. The study has implications for how future vaccines can be made more effective. 30 Jan 2012
Wellcome Trust and Cambridge University Press work together to secure the future of 'Medical History' Cambridge University Press has announced that it will publish the leading journal 'Medical History', an international journal for the history of medicine and related sciences, from January 2012. 30 Jan 2012
Genetics study boosts search for better ways to treat human African trypanosomiasis The findings of a genetic screening study reported in 'Nature' have identified how the parasite that causes human African trypanosomiasis interacts with the drugs currently used to treat the disease. 26 Jan 2012
New malaria maps to guide battle against the disease A new suite of malaria maps has revealed the current global pattern of the disease in unprecedented detail, allowing researchers to see how malaria has changed over several years. 24 Jan 2012
Ways to prevent mitochondrial diseases to be assessed in new 5.8 million Wellcome Trust centre Research that could pave the way for IVF treatment to prevent mitochondrial diseases will take place at the new Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University thanks to a 5.8m funding boost. 19 Jan 2012
Counterfeit and substandard antimalaria drugs threaten crisis in Africa Hopes of controlling malaria in Africa could be dashed by the emergence of poor-quality and fraudulent antimalarial medicines, warn experts. Unless urgent action is taken, millions of lives could be put at risk. 16 Jan 2012
Scientists find link between gene and sensitivity to emotional environment Researchers at the University of Essex have shown that a genetic variant could make some people more sensitive to their emotional environment - and more susceptible to anxiety disorders - than others. 13 Jan 2012
Spasticity gene finding provides clues to causes of nerve cell degeneration The discovery of a gene that causes a form of hereditary spastic paraplegia may provide an important insight into what causes axons, the stems of our nerve cells, to degenerate in conditions such as multiple sclerosis. 10 Jan 2012
New guide to boost science media relations in African institutions A new guide for media relations practitioners working in African institutions aims to encourage better practice and to help the media officers position African research in the global arena. 09 Jan 2012
Wellcome Trust initiative links science to the Olympic and Paralympic Games for everyone in 2012 As the world focuses on the feats of human performance that will take place in London next summer, the Wellcome Trust is leading an initiative to engage the public with the science of how their own body works. 06 Jan 2012
Inquiry-based learning Three education experts, with differing viewpoints, will offer their opinions on the role of inquiry-based learning in science education at an event at the ASE annual conference in Liverpool tomorrow. 05 Jan 2012
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