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Wellcome Trust’s ‘Focus on stroke’ blog series launched

1 May 2012

Throughout May - the Stroke Association’s Action on Stroke Month - the Wellcome Trust blog will run a series of feature articles, infographics, interviews and films about this common, disabling condition.

It's estimated to cost the economy £8 billion per year in England. It causes more than 50 000 deaths every year in the UK and leaves hundreds of thousands more people disabled. A quarter of cases occur in people of working age. Stroke is a devastating and distressing condition that is only in recent years gaining the attention its severity, prevalence and costs merit.

To mark the Stroke Association's Action on Stroke Month, the Wellcome Trust blog will be featuring a series of articles, videos, real-life stories and more on this subject. This series highlights the way that stroke has been seen historically in the UK and shows how changes over the past couple of decades have transformed stroke from an almost inevitable consequence of ageing to an increasingly preventable, predictable and treatable condition.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be exploring the latest research underway to understand this condition in greater depth and develop further effective treatments and forms of rehabilitation. Each week, we'll focus on a different topic: the state of stroke, predicting and preventing stroke, treating stroke, the effects of stroke, and rehabilitation.

To launch the 'Focus on stroke' series, today on the Wellcome Trust blog Nic Fleming presents an overview of the current state of stroke, examining the medical, economic and policy issues that have shaped stroke care in the UK over the past 30 years.

We will be adding new stories and articles throughout the month, so check the blog regularly to see the latest stroke-related posts. For more information on stroke, see the Stroke Association’s site.

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