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New image display celebrates 75 years of the Wellcome Trust

25 July 2011

The 25 July marks the 75th anniversary of the Wellcome Trust, and to celebrate we’ve launched a new display of images highlighting people and events who have played a significant part in the Trust’s history.

The display illustrates the stories of eight people who have been central in helping us to pursue our vision of achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health, using lightboxes and prints taken from our world-class image library, Wellcome Images.

Beginning with Henry Foy, the Wellcome Trust's first scientific employee, the display takes us on a brief tour of some of the Trust's achievements through the people who have been instrumental in our successes.

The images on display include a sketch of the DNA double helix by Francis Crick alongside a portrait of Sir John Sulston, a key figure in the Human Genome Project. Also featured are Nick White, researcher and developer of the new leading treatment for malaria, and Roy Porter, prolific and influential historian of medicine.

The images will be on display in Wellcome Collection until December 2011. The display is part of a calendar of events taking place throughout the year in celebration of our 75th Anniversary. See a sample of the images that will be on display in our image gallery, below.

Heart Tube Hat
Heart Tube Hat
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Heart Tube Hat.
Credit: Helen Storey; Photography, John Ross; Model, Connie Chiu.
Mosquito (Anopheles stephensi) in flight
Mosquito (Anopheles stephensi) in flight
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A mosquito with its abdomen full of blood.
Credit: Hugh Sturrock, Wellcome Images.
Hippocampal neurons
Hippocampal neurons
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Hippocampal neurons labelled with antibody against GluR1 subtype of glutamate receptors.
Credit: Dr A Irving/University of Dundee, Wellcome Images.
Lungs with bronchial tree
Lungs with bronchial tree
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Lungs with bronchial tree (colour artwork).
Credit: Medical Art Service, Munich/Wellcome Images.
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