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Implementing Investigator Awards

How the Trust will handle the introduction of Investigator Awards and the phasing out of some of our current grant schemes.

1. Changes to the Trust's biomedical science grant programmes

The Investigator Award scheme is now open for applications. The following grant schemes are being phased out:

  • project grants
  • programme grants
  • equipment grants
  • biomedical resources grants
  • technology development grants
  • university awards
  • flexible travel awards

The final closing date for applications was Friday 30 July 2010.

2. Applications for Investigator Awards

If you wish to send an application for consideration at the first Investigator Awards funding round, you will need to apply before the closing date of Monday 22 November 2010. Please note that, depending on demand, the CV checking process may take up to 3 weeks to complete, and it will therefore not be possible for the Trust to guarantee that you will meet the Round 1 main application deadline of 22 November 2010 if you submit your CV details after 22 October 2010.

Detailed information on the Investigator Awards scheme can be found here.

In order to manage an expected high volume of applications during the phasing out of the above schemes and to ensure that each is given a fair and rigorous assessment, we have to limit the number of applications that any applicant may have under consideration at one time during the transition period. You will not, therefore, be able to submit an application for an Investigator Award:

  • while you are waiting to hear the outcome of an application submitted to a grant scheme that is being phased out (please see further information in section 3 below), or
  • if you are currently a programme grant holder and the grant still has more than two years to run.

3. If you have already submitted an application for one of the schemes being phased out

If you have already submitted an application to the Trust and a decision on your application was made before 1 October 2010, you will be able to apply for an Investigator Award.

If you submit have submitted an application for consideration at the funding rounds in October 2010 or March 2011, you will not be able to apply for an Investigator Award until a decision has been made on your existing application.

4. If you have questions or would like more information

If you have any queries about any of the arrangements above, or about any other aspect of the new Investigator Award scheme, please contact your named Grants Adviser (if your question relates to an existing application), or contact our Helpdesk on 020 7611 2020 or at investigators@wellcome.ac.uk.

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