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Sustaining Health

The health of the global population and the planet are inextricably linked but there is a poor ecological fit between what we are asking of the planet and its resilience. If the complex natural systems we rely on for clean air, fresh water, fertile soil, biodiversity and a stable climate are threatened, so too is our health. The challenge is to secure the health and well-being of present and future generations whilst responsibly stewarding the planet.

As research continues to unravel our understanding of the vital links between health and the environment, we become better equipped to develop robust, coherent and coordinated solutions that jointly reduce threats to human health and to the surrounding environment that sustains it. There are already clear opportunities for change but more research is needed.

We want to support work that embraces and stimulates the formation of creative partnerships because we believe that a diversity of competencies is required to tackle these complex problems. The aim for the initiative is to gain deeper insights into the issues to inform the global response through multidisciplinary research, and develop policies that will help mitigate the risks to human health.

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About Sustaining Health We support multidisciplinary research in the areas of environment, nutrition and health.
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Sustaining Health funding

Awards for cross-disciplinary research connecting environment, nutrition and heath.

Europe and Global Challenges Initiative A joint funding initiative from the Wellcome Trust, Volkswagen Foundation and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Video: Sir David Attenborough

In this short interview for Wellcome Trust, Sir David Attenborough discusses some of the most pressing issues facing the environment, humanity's future and how we might address those challenges.

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Running time: 6 min 56 s
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