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Sustaining Health

Global health is under serious threat. Humanity faces profound questions about how the planet can healthily sustain nine billion people by 2050. Demand for food is rising, fresh water is becoming scarce, and climate change is impacting disease spread, to mention but a few of the challenges.

The Wellcome Trust Strategic Plan includes a specific challenge in the broad area of 'connecting environment, nutrition and health'. With ‘Sustaining Health’ we are exploring what role the Trust can play in helping to make these connections and relieve the strain that the planet is under. We need to think differently about how we manage our resources so that everyone can enjoy a healthy life.

We want to support work that embraces and stimulates the formation of creative partnerships because we believe that a diversity of competencies is required to tackle these complex problems. The aim for the initiative is to gain deeper insights into the issues, inform the global response through multidisciplinary research and develop strategies to mitigate the risks to human health.

This short film describes our journey so far:

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Running time: 4 min 18 s
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About Sustaining Health image
About Sustaining Health We support multidisciplinary research in the areas of environment, nutrition and health.
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Sustaining Health funding

Awards for cross-disciplinary research connecting environment, nutrition and heath.

Europe and Global Challenges Initiative A joint funding initiative from the Wellcome Trust, Volkswagen Foundation and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Video: Sir David Attenborough

In this short interview for Wellcome Trust, Sir David Attenborough discusses some of the most pressing issues facing the environment, humanity's future and how we might address those challenges.

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Running time: 6 min 56 s
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