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Public Engagement funding schemes

We offer up to £10 million per year to support projects that investigate biomedical science and its social contexts. Projects can consider the social, cultural, ethical and historical issues related to biomedical science.

Science Learning+ Funds research exploring the impacts of informal STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) experiences.
Engagement Fellowships Support the most talented people in public engagement with biomedical science.
Arts Awards Support imaginative and experimental arts projects that create new artworks to investigate biomedical science.
International Engagement Awards Fund public engagement projects in low- and middle-income countries.
Broadcast, games and film awards Fund proposals from the entertainment industries (broadcast, games and film).
People Awards and Society Awards Support projects that enable the public to explore biomedical science, its impact on society and culture, its historical roots and the ethical questions that it raises.
Capital funding For large-scale projects that engage the public with science or make the history of medicine relevant to contemporary audiences.
Sustaining Excellence Awards Supporting the enhanced delivery of existing outstanding public engagement projects.
The Hub Award Project funding and a stimulating space for researchers and other creative minds.
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