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To provide additional funding during the course of a Wellcome Trust-funded award, enabling the grantholder to explore important new opportunities or paths of discovery as their work unfolds, or to support unanticipated costs, such as new equipment or access to technologies.

Enhancements should not be used as a substitute for smaller grants (e.g. project grants), or to fund costs not supported during consideration of the original application.

What's included

Awards may cover the direct costs of carrying out the research, including research support, animals, equipment and funding for collaborative activity, as appropriate.

Awards will not include a Flexible Funding Allowance or travel costs.

The costs requested should be justifiable and proportionate to need, and should not exceed the applicant’s current Trust grant.


Only individuals who hold a current Trust grant are eligible to apply.

Applicants may not normally apply for an enhancement during the first and last years of their current Trust grant, or submit an application for enhancement funding more than once per year.

Applications for enhancement funding must not extend beyond the end date of the applicant’s current Trust grant.

Application process

Prospective applicants must contact the Trust to discuss any potential application (see ‘Contacts’). Full applications will be by invitation only.

Depending on the size and scope of the application, it may be sent for peer review and may, therefore, take up to four months to process.

All applications will be considered in competition with other proposals.

Unsuccessful applicants will not normally be allowed to resubmit an application for the same request, unless invited to do so by the Trust.


Applicants may enquire about their eligibility and needs for enhancement funding at any time.

Applications for funding will be considered on a rolling basis and should normally be submitted no less than four months before the proposed starting date.


Enquiries may be emailed to sciencegrants@wellcome.ac.uk or telephone our Grants Information Desk: +44 (0)20 7611 5757.

See Contact us for our postal address.

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