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How we can help

Through our Researcher Support and Media Office teams, the Wellcome Trust provides advice, training and engagement opportunities for Trust-funded researchers wanting to improve their communication skills and to engage people with their work.

We work with top broadcast, museum, media and arts professionals to provide training and opportunities.

Who we support

Our support is available to anyone from PhD students who want to make a start in public engagement to PIs who want to develop a strategic approach for their group or institute's engagement. Whatever your position, find out more about the different types of activities you could get involved in, take a look at the training and resources available and, of course, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

A national reach

The Wellcome Trust is a supporter of the Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research. The Concordat is a single unambiguous statement of the expectations and responsibilities of research funders in the UK. It is intended to build upon existing good practice in public engagement by providing guidance to help you and your colleagues foster a culture in your institution that values, recognises and supports public engagement.

The Wellcome Trust co-funds The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement to support UK universities in engaging with the public. It provides a single point of contact for all researchers interested in public engagement, and their website provides extensive resources and links, including information on nationwide training and engagement opportunities. In addition to advice on how to engage different groups, the website provides guidance on how to create an environment in which public engagement can flourish.

All researchers can also benefit from our partnerships with other organisations. For example, the Wellcome Trust provides funding for Junior Café Scientifique. See the activities section for more information.


The Wellcome Trust allows costs for public engagement within our research grants. Researchers are invited to plan how they will inform, consult and collaborate with the non-specialist public over the lifetime of their research project and cost for this appropriately. New research applicants can propose a programme of public engagement activities within their research application, while current Wellcome researchers can apply for an enhancement of their award.

If engaging with the public is essential to the ethical conduct of your research (e.g. recruitment of study participants) then relevant activities (e.g. community advisory panels) should be included within your research methodology and within your research costs.

In addition to the provision of funds within research grants the Wellcome Trust funds discrete public engagement projects. If you want to organise an event, develop an exhibition, run a workshop or engage the public in some other way, you can apply for a separate grant.

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