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Big Picture

Related links

Mouse Party
Take a look inside the brains of mice on drugs with this fun interactive.

BBC Health information about addictions
A resource from the BBC about understanding types of addiction, their effects and how to treat them. This page also includes useful contact information.

The UK's largest drug and alcohol treatment charity.

A UK charity providing support for friends and families of alcoholics.

Alcohol and you
Online activities about alcohol, the facts, the effects and its place in society, including a quiz to test your knowledge.

Facts, personal experiences and advice about drugs for students, as well as information and resources for parents and teachers.

Foresight Project on Brain Science and Addiction
A project that set out to provide a challenging vision as to how scientific and technological advancement may have an impact on our understanding of addiction and drug use over the next 20 years.

A UK charity providing support and information to those with a gambling problem.

Too young to gamble
Information from Channel 4 about young people gambling, and how to recognise the signs of addiction.

The New Science of Addiction: Genetics and the brain
Information about the genetics of addiction from the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah.

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