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Big Picture on Sex and Gender

Are men more rational than women? Females more caring than males? Alleged differences between the sexes can generate heated debate.

The latest in the 'Big Picture' series for teachers and post-16 students aims to reveal what we really know about sex differences. 'Big Picture on Sex and Gender' explores the biological basis of sex differences and the relationship between sex and gender. As well as covering the science of sex determination, it looks at attitudes to masculinity and femininity, and asks whether sex is truly a useful way of categorising people.

The issue is accompanied by a free schools activity (available online) encouraging debate on the topic of sex selection. This is based on the debate format used by the Debating Matters Competition - a national debating competition for sixth form students run by the Institute of Ideas.

This supplement to the print issue offers exclusive online content, in the following areas:

Exclusive online articles

Browse the library of exclusive online content, produced to complement the print issue of 'Big Picture on Sex and Gender'.

Student activity

Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their child? Have your say.

A-level curriculum matching

Teachers: find out where this all fits in with your big picture.

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