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Wellcome Trust Monitor

The Wellcome Trust Monitor is a unique, UK survey of the public that is conducted every three years to look at changing knowledge and attitudes to medical research, science and health.

Wellcome introduced the Monitor survey in 2009 to help inform our activities in science policy, education and public engagement. The findings also provide an important societal context to the funding we provide.

The research covers a range of topics:

  • How interested people are in science and medical research
  • The value of science in everyday life and informal science experiences
  • Confidence and ability to get better health outcomes
  • Public interest in hearing from scientists
  • Participation in medical research
  • What the public knows about science and medical research
  • The value of scientists engaging with the public
  • What’s important to the public when deciding what to eat and drink
  • Antibiotic resistance and the use of antiobiotics
  • Complementary and research medicine.

Wave 3: 2015

Infographic theme summaries

Wave 3 research reports

Report summary

Full report


Wave 3 technical reports

Wave 3 data

Wave 2: 2012

Wave 2 research reports

Wave 2 technical reports

Wave 2 data

Infographic theme summaries

Wave 1: 2009

Full datasets

The datasets for Monitor Waves 1, 2 and 3 are available on the UK Data Service.

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