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Review of Informal Science Learning

In summer 2011 the Wellcome Trust commissioned two reports on informal science learning in the UK - that is, the learning of science in informal settings outside school, such as museums, science festivals and theatres.

Two reports were published in November 2012 - from GHK Consulting and from Stanford and Oregon State Universities - examining and analysing the evidence on the provision of informal science learning and its value to science education.

'Review of Informal Science Learning' – GHK Consulting
Download full report [PDF 1.3MB]
Download executive summary [PDF 255KB]

'Analysing the UK Science Education Community: The contribution of informal providers' - Stanford and Oregon State Universities
Download full report [PDF 2.6MB]
Download executive summary [PDF 154KB]

The Trust responded to the reports with a short commentary written by Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Trust, and Sir John Holman, Senior Fellow for Education at the Trust.

Download Wellcome Trust commentary [PDF 215KB]

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