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Sharing Data from Large-scale Biological Research Projects

In response to requests from the large-genome sequencing scientific community, the Wellcome Trust sponsored an international meeting in January 2003 to discuss pre-publication data release.

Held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the meeting primarily brought together representatives of the producers of large-genome sequence data, the users of such data, funding agencies and scientific journals.

The Wellcome Trust supports the recommendation made at the meeting for high-throughput, large-genome projects, which we consider to be community resource projects. Typically these will be multicentred, multifunded and international projects such as the Human Genome Project and the Mouse Genome Project.

The Trust is pleased with the outcome of the meeting and the reaffirmation of the Bermuda Principles as regards large-genome sequencing projects.

Over the coming months, the Trust will encourage other research community groups to think about their own pre-publication data release policies and will be considering how best to support them with this.

Download the full report of the Florida meeting, 'Sharing Data from Large-scale Biological Research Projects' [PDF 36KB].

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