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Economic Analysis of Scientific Research Publishing

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of an industry that generates some £22 billion annually.

Most research findings are published in journals, generally run either by commercial publishers or learned societies. The growth of the web has created new opportunities for the dissemination of scientific information, but although scientific information is made available online, its use is restricted by the access policies of publishers.

Journal subscriptions are a significant financial burden on institutional libraries and individual researchers, and present a major obstacle to the timely and comprehensive sharing and use of scientific information.

This report has been published to support constructive dialogue between key players in the scientific publishing field - publishers, researchers, academic institutions and funders. The ultimate aim of this dialogue would be to develop a publishing system that meets the needs of all groups, and best promotes the public good of scientific work - that is, disseminates research outputs to all who have an interest in them.

The findings of this report contributed to the Wellcome Trust position statement in support of open access publishing.

Download 'Economic Analysis of Scientific Research Publishing' [PDF 1.3MB].

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