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Engaging Science: Thoughts, deeds, analysis and action

Featuring essays from leading researchers, practitioners and commentators, this book examines what we have learned about the relationships between these groups and what the implications are for future practice.

Topics include public attitudes to science, the role of the media in public engagement, the scientists' perspective, implications for education, linking the public to policy making, and the role of campaigning groups.

'Engaging Science' also includes summaries of key Trust-funded projects and initiatives supported over the past decade.

Download the full PDF of Engaging Science [1.8MB] or access individual chapters below.


Foreword by Mark Walport [PDF 26KB]

Engaging Science: Creative enterprise or controlled endeavour? [PDF 70KB] by Clare Matterson

1. A Historical Perspective on Public Engagement [PDF 165KB] by Tim Boon

2. Public Attitudes to Science: What do we know? [PDF 628KB] by Sir Robert Worcester

3. Messages and Heuristics: How audiences form attitudes about emerging technologies [PDF 147KB] by Dietram A Scheufele

4. Rhetoric and Roadshows: An ambivalence about audiences [PDF 112KB] by Colin Johnson

5. Stripping Down Science to the Bare Essentials: The bare-faced cheek of how medicine turned into media [PDF 145KB] by Chris Smith

6. Public Engagement on the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research [PDF 121KB] by Nancy Rothwell

7. The Role of Media in Public Engagement [PDF 122KB] by Jenny Kitzinger

8. Beyond the Toolkit: Bringing engagement into practice [PDF 111KB] by Alan Irwin

9. Transatlantic Perspectives on Public Engagement [PDF 127KB] by Edna Einsiedel

10. Between People and Power: Nongovernmental organisations and public engagement [PDF 116KB] by Jack Stilgoe

11. Science in Education: Implications for formal education? [PDF 106KB] by Robin Millar

12. Art, Science and the Public [PDF 118KB] by Stephen Webster

13. A Guide for Successfully Evaluating Science Engagement Events [PDF 153KB] by Ben Gammon and Alex Burch

An Agenda for the Future [PDF 38KB] by Jon Turney

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