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Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life

Dirt is waste, excrement, rubbish - but what, then, is soil? Is cleanliness next to godliness or sterility? And in a throwaway society, does the battle against dirt depend on an exploited and half-seen underclass of cleaners?

Published to coincide with Wellcome Collection’s major exhibition ‘Dirt’, and lavishly illustrated with images from the Collection's archives, this provocative book features specially commissioned essays and a short graphic novel section on the significance and implications of dirt from the microbial level through to the environmental.

Authors: Virginia Smith, Brian Ralph, Elizabeth Pisani, Rose George, Rosie Cox, Peter Brimblecombe
Publisher: Profile Books
Publication date: March 2011
ISBN-10: 184668479X
ISBN-13: 978-1846684791

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