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The use of personal information in medical research

The use of patient records offers huge potential for biomedical and healthcare research. But personal information is potentially both sensitive and private - it is crucial to develop public trust that data will be handled confidentially and securely.

The Wellcome Trust funds research that uses personal information, and actively encourages the research community to develop best practice to safeguard data. In particular, we have been working to ensure that the research potential of electronic patient records is realised.We also support public engagement activities to explore the issues around using personal information in biomedical research.

Patient records Sharing your patient record can help save and improve lives.
Public engagement Public attitudes to research involving personal information.
Background information Find out more about how and why researchers use patient information.
Access to GP records Developing best practice for the use of patient records for research in general practice.
Data protection legislation European legislation relating to data protection is currently under review.
Policy reports from other organisations Studies on the use of personal information in research.
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