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Depositing open access monographs and book chapters

Original published monographs and book chapters that arise from Wellcome Trust funding must be made freely available via the Europe PMC and the PMC Bookshelf repositories.

If you are the author or publisher of research funded by the Wellcome Trust please use this form to deposit the monograph or book chapter for inclusion in these repositories. To deposit a journal article please use Europe PMC plus. Note that the Wellcome Trust considers all publications indexed by MEDLINE to be journals. Some journals indexed in MEDLINE are marketed as book series, however, as all publications indexed by MEDLINE have been submitted for indexing as journals by the publisher, the Wellcome Trust considers them to be journals. If you are unsure you can check the publication status or email openaccess@wellcome.ac.uk

For more information on the extension of the Trust's open access policy to include monographs and book chapters please see the monograph and book chapter FAQ. This practical guide to publishing open access monographs and book chapters provides useful advice for publishers. Additionally the Trust’s service requirements when an open access fee is paid can be found in the publishers guide.

Please note the monograph and book chapter deposit form must be completed by the copyright holder or representative for the copyright holder. To complete the form you will need the:

  • relevant Wellcome Trust grant number or grantholder name
  • full text monograph or book chapter file(s), plus associated metadata files if available
  • licence details of the publication
  • embargo release date, if applicable.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact: openaccess@wellcome.ac.uk.

Open access policy: monographs and book chapters

The Wellcome Trust is committed to ensuring that the published outputs of our funded research are made freely available, so that this knowledge can be built on by the widest possible audience in a manner that maximises health and public benefit, and fosters a richer research culture.

We recognise that key research findings are published as scholarly monographs or book chapters, and believe that the visibility and impact of these research outputs should be maximised.

For this reason, we have extended our open access policy to include monographs and book chapters, specifically:

1. The policy change applies to all original scholarly monographs and book chapters authored or co-authored by Trust grantholders as part of their grant-funded research. The policy does not apply to textbooks, 'trade' books, general reference works or works of fiction, or to collections edited but not authored by Trust grantholders.

2. In line with the existing open access policy, grantholders are required to make these research outputs available through PMC Bookshelf and Europe PMC as soon as possible, with a maximum embargo of six months.

3. The Wellcome Trust will make funds available for the payment of publisher's open access monograph processing charges. More information about how these funds will be distributed is available on the open access funding page.

4. Where a publishing fee is levied, such works must be available without embargo and be licensed in ways which support their reuse. Although the Creative Commons, Attribution licence (CC-BY) is strongly preferred, we will accept non-commercial and/or no-derivatives licences (i.e. CC-BY-NC, or CC-BY-NC-ND).

The extended policy came into effect for all grantholders from October 2014 and now applies to all grantholders, past and present.

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