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Incentives and culture change for data access

Establishing an enabling culture for data access - in which appropriate incentives exist for researchers who generate high quality datasets and make these accessible to others - is one of the critical challenges for the four EAGDA funders in achieving their shared goal to maximise the value of data outputs.

In 2013, EAGDA initiated a study that sought to better understand the factors that help and hinder researchers in making data more widely available, and to investigate the need to create new incentives to facilitate data sharing. In addition to a review of previous work on this topic, the research encompassed a web survey, expert interviews and focus group discussions with researchers and data managers.

EAGDA’s report, published in May 2014, makes a series of recommendations to funders and research leaders about how they could work to build incentives and embed cultural change. The EAGDA funders are considering the findings and will prepare a formal response in due course.

EAGDA and its funders would welcome any comments or feedback on the report’s findings. To input your views, please email David Carr at the Wellcome Trust.

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