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Data sharing

We aim to ensure that the data generated by the research we support is managed and shared in a way that maximises the benefit to the public.

We work actively with the research community and other relevant stakeholders to shape and apply good practice with regard to the management of research data.

In addition to implementing our policy, which applies across the full breadth of the research we support, we are taking forward targeted activities in partnership with others to promote data sharing in specific research fields.

Data management and sharing policy Our policy on the management and sharing of data that arises from the research we fund.
Public health emergencies Joint statement committing to share data on Zika and other public health emergencies.
Expert Advisory Group on Data Access Provides strategic advice on the emerging scientific, legal and ethical issues associated with data access for human genetics research and cohort studies.
Public health and epidemiology We are exploring mechanisms for developing codes of conduct for data sharing among epidemiological and public health researchers.
Guidance for researchers Resources to assist researchers in developing data management and sharing plans, including information on data repositories.
Large-scale genetics research We have a long track record of maximising access to genetic datasets and are working to address associated ethical issues.
Access to clinical trial data We are involved in discussions with various stakeholders to facilitate greater transparency around clinical trials and their results and data.
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Report Ethical, legal and social issues arising from the use of GWAS in medical research GWAS RHSB cover Download PDFDownload PDF
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