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Exciting design in the windows of the Wellcome Trust headquarters

The front windows of the building are seen by over 1.8 million passers by each year, providing the perfect opportunity to engage the public with our work.

Our window display changes at least once a year, with each one providing a unique artistic interpretation of what we do.

Current display: Eye Contact

'Eye Contact' is the second winning entry from a competition run by the Wellcome Trust in 2014 for students at the University of the Arts London. Taking inspiration from the Trust's funded research in the areas of neuroscience, perception and memory, applicants were invited to examine the changing ways in which images are registered and understood.

Peter Hudson, a recent graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, is working with video installation to probe our interaction with digital technologies.

'Eye Contact' responds to our ever-increasing reliance on the screen for human communication. We are programmed to recognise eyes and immediately react to eye movements. At first glance, the display is an abstract flickering mosaic; then, as the human eyes are identified, the character within is recognised. By abstracting the footage through pixellation, 'Eye Contact' tests and reflects on our fluid process of perception.

A full list of participants can be found at peterdavidhudson.com.

Two pairs of eyes gaze out onto Euston Road from the windows of the Wellcome Trust's headquarters. Credit: Peter Hudson, Wellcome Images.

The Wellcome Trust Windows Commission is curated by Sigune Hamann. Inspired by the Trust’s funded research into areas including neuroscience and memory, it is an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of the Arts London to explore the changing ways in which images are registered and perceived.

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